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Forward Water Technologies planning webinar called “Test for Success” November 28th

Posted by Alavaro Coronel at 4:52 PM on Thursday, November 16th, 2023

Forward Water Technologies Pioneers Lithium Extraction Success with “Test for Success” Webinar


In the dynamic landscape of lithium extraction, Forward Water Technologies (FWT) stands as a beacon of innovation. This Canadian company has announced a groundbreaking webinar, “Test for Success,” scheduled for November 28 at 10 am ET. This event promises invaluable insights into Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) testing and evaluation, particularly focusing on lithium recovery from brine sources.

Background and Context

FWT, a pivotal player in DLE, has a rich history of optimizing lithium extraction processes. Beyond extraction, their forte lies in post-extraction efficiency, concentrating lithium solutions with remarkable factors exceeding 20x. Notably, their commitment to sustainability distinguishes them, addressing water conservation in lithium processing, especially crucial in regions with limited water resources.

Key Highlights and Advantages

The “Test for Success” webinar is strategically designed to guide DLE brine mining companies. Grant Thornley, FWT’s Vice President, emphasizes that participants will gain insights into effective testing methods and result evaluation, crucial for distinguishing positive outcomes. FWT’s expertise in sustainable concentration processes adds a unique advantage, aligning with the growing industry focus on responsible water management.

Potential Impact and Significance

As the demand for Direct Lithium Extraction is projected to surge, estimated at 2.5 to 3 million metric tons by 2030, FWT’s role becomes pivotal. DLE, a time-efficient alternative to traditional mining methods, accelerates development timelines. The “Test for Success” initiative positions FWT and its stakeholders to excel in this rapidly evolving landscape, contributing to the industry’s sustainable future.

Expert Opinions and Analysis

Industry experts acknowledge the importance of initiatives like the “Test for Success” webinar. FWT’s focus on post-extraction efficiency and sustainability aligns with the changing dynamics of lithium extraction, earning praise for their forward-thinking approach.

Challenges and Considerations

While FWT’s expertise shines, challenges in the lithium industry, such as water scarcity in certain regions, remain. However, FWT’s commitment to responsible water management positions them as leaders addressing these challenges, ensuring a balanced and environmentally conscious approach.


In the era of lithium extraction evolution, FWT’s “Test for Success” webinar signifies a pivotal moment. As the industry steers towards sustainability, FWT’s commitment to efficient processes and responsible resource management places them at the forefront. Investors and industry players keen on navigating this transformative period should mark their calendars for November 28, as FWT leads the charge toward a successful and sustainable lithium future.


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