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HPQ Silicon New Patented Process Targets Silicon Based Anode Materials Selling $USD 30,000 – 50,000 / ton For EV Batteries

Posted by Alavaro Coronel at 9:12 AM on Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023

In a groundbreaking move, HPQ Silicon Inc. has filed a patent application that could redefine the landscape of Silicon Oxide (SiOx) manufacturing. This latest development marks a significant leap towards continuous SiOx production, eliminating traditional batch limitations.

Key Advantages of the Patent Application:

Technological Breakthrough: HPQ’s patent introduces a novel process allowing continuous production of SiOx, setting a new standard in efficiency.

Reduced Development Risks: The modified design minimizes changes in reactor configurations, mitigating technological development risks and ensuring a smoother transition to commercialization.

Bernard Tourillon, CEO of HPQ Silicon Inc., comments,

“This new patent application enhances our value proposition for Silicon-Based Anode materials. Our technology can convert quartz into a low carbon 3N+ Si in a single step.”

Silicon Oxide (SiOx) Materials Paving the Way for the Lithium Battery Revolution:

Growing Market Demand: Estimates project a potential demand of 300,000 tons by 2030, positioning SiOx materials at the forefront of the multi-billion-dollar battery material market.

Economic Significance: The selling price for silicon-based anode materials ranges from US$30 to US$50 per kg, underlining the economic potential of SiOx production.

Focus on High-Value Initiatives: The decision to discontinue Nano Silicon material development showcases HPQ’s strategic shift towards more promising ventures, emphasizing the Fumed Silica Reactor project and silicon-based anode material initiative.

Bernard Tourillon emphasizes,

“The growing importance of SiOx material in the burgeoning multi-billion-dollar battery material market is a fact that cannot be emphasized enough.”

HPQ Silicon’s patent application signals not just a breakthrough in SiOx manufacturing but a pivotal moment in shaping the battery technology of the future. With a strategic focus on high-value initiatives and a commitment to reducing carbon footprints, HPQ Silicon positions itself as a key player in the green technology revolution. Investors, be ready to witness a transformative journey towards net-zero emissions.

Explore the Future with HPQ Silicon! Watch the exclusive video interview for a deeper dive into this revolutionary breakthrough.


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