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GameOn: A Q3 Triumph Sets the Stage for a Pivotal Q4

Posted by Brittany McNabb at 10:19 AM on Thursday, November 30th, 2023

In a resounding declaration of success, GameOn (CSE: GET) (OTCQB: GMETF), the next-generation fantasy sports platform, has filed its Q3 2023 financials, positioning itself for a profitable Q4. With a strategic focus on partnering with premier sports leagues, GameOn is not merely thriving in a challenging market but gearing up to redefine the gaming landscape.

Background and Context:

Delving into GameOn’s journey, the company has forged partnerships with the world’s best sports leagues, propelling it to the forefront of web3 games. The Q3 financial filing is a testament to GameOn’s relentless pursuit of excellence, solidifying its position as a successor in the next bull run.

Key Highlights and Advantages:

Q3 YTD highlights reveal a staggering 456% increase in revenue year-on-year, reaching $1,017,369. Simultaneously, net losses decreased by 16%, showcasing the company’s financial resilience and growth trajectory.

The announcement of a five-year partnership with Sportsology to develop $GAME, the next generation of fantasy sports infrastructure, is a key highlight. This strategic agreement is expected to drive $2.3m in development fees in Q4 and $1.4m in annual recurring revenue from 2024, with a total expected value of $9.3m over five years.

Another milestone is the grant agreement with The Arbitrum Foundation, positioning GameOn to launch three games on the Arbitrum One network, commencing with LALIGA and PFL in the early new year. Arbitrum’s status as the leading Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum adds significant value to this collaboration.

Potential Impact and Significance:

This financial triumph and strategic partnerships are poised to catapult GameOn to new heights. The potential impact on the company, the gaming industry, and the broader market is significant. Q4 and 2024 are anticipated to be GameOn’s best-performing periods yet, signaling a positive outlook for investors and stakeholders.

Expert Opinions and Analysis:

Matt Bailey, CEO at GameOn, emphasizes that Q3’s results and recent developments validate the company’s unwavering commitment to growth, even in a challenging market. The strategic partnerships with LALIGA, PFL, Sportsology, and Arbitrum position GameOn for rapid scalability and success.

Challenges and Considerations:

While the article acknowledges GameOn’s achievements, it also addresses potential challenges associated with the dynamic gaming industry. Additionally, it outlines the company’s strategic plans to navigate these challenges successfully.


In conclusion, GameOn’s triumph in Q3, coupled with strategic partnerships, marks a pivotal moment for the company. The filing of financials, the Sportsology partnership, and the collaboration with The Arbitrum Foundation underscore GameOn’s resilience and innovative approach. As the company gears up for a profitable Q4 and beyond, the gaming community and investors alike are set to witness a new era in web3 fantasy sports.

Investors and gaming enthusiasts are encouraged to stay tuned for GameOn’s detailed guidance on revenue projections, slated to be revealed in December through a webinar. As the company continues to redefine the gaming landscape, opportunities abound for those looking to be part of the next wave in the gaming revolution.

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