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Power Nickel Believes Resource Estimate Establishes Company As One of The World’s Best Nickel Investment Opportunities

Posted by Nicole Rojas at 11:20 AM on Wednesday, December 6th, 2023

In a strategic move towards becoming a leading force in the nickel industry, Power Nickel Inc. (PNPN: TSXV) announced the release of its inaugural NI 43-101 Mineral Resource Estimate for the “NISK” Nickel Sulphide project. Following a successful 2023 drilling campaign and advanced geological interpretations, Power Nickel reveals an impressive 5.4 Million Indicated Tonnes Grading 1.05 % NiEq and 1.8 Million Inferred Tonnes Grading 1.35 % NiEq, underlining the project’s substantial commercial potential.

Key Milestones:

1. Robust Geological Model: Building on a successful summer drilling campaign and insights from the FLEET Ambient Noise Tomography survey, Power Nickel develops a comprehensive 3D litho-structural model, elevating the Nisk geological interpretation to new heights.

2. Independent Validation: A team of qualified experts, led by Duncan Studd and Pierre Luc Richard, conducted a meticulous review. Power Nickel’s commitment to involving independent specialists in data management, metallurgy, mining engineering, and mineral resource estimation reaffirms the study’s credibility.

3. Exceptional Resource Grades: The Mineral Resource Estimate unveils 5.43 million tonnes of indicated resources at 1.05% NiEq and 1.79 million tonnes of inferred resources at 1.35% NiEq, solidifying Power Nickel as a standout player in the nickel market.

Strategic Partnerships and Future Prospects:

Power Nickel’s collaboration with CVMR Inc. for a feasibility study marks a pivotal step towards refining Nisk, demonstrating the company’s dedication to maximizing revenues.

CEO Terry Lynch emphasizes,

“Our inaugural NI 43-101 Technical report is an excellent start and major first step to showing the significant commercial potential of Nisk. We believe this Mineral Resource Estimate establishes us as one of the world’s best nickel investment opportunities. Power Nickel took a particularly robust approach for this Mineral Resource Estimate, by involving independent experts in data management, metallurgy, mining engineering and mineral resource estimation. If compared to our peers, we may have pushed this study further than what we had to at this stage, but we believe that there is no ambiguity about the results obtained, and that this study fully supports the coming stages.”

Market Potential:

The Nisk deposit, a magmatic Ni-Cu sulphide, boasts disseminated to massive mineralization, positioning Power Nickel favorably in a market hungry for nickel resources. An updated metallurgical test program, conducted by XPS – Expert Process Solutions, yields marketable concentrate with impressive percentages of Nickel, Copper, Cobalt, and Palladium, reinforcing the project’s economic viability.

Power Nickel’s NI 43-101 Technical report sets the stage for NISK to emerge as one of the world’s premier nickel investment opportunities. With exceptional resource grades, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to refined product viability, Power Nickel is poised for sustained growth and success. As Kenneth Williamson, VP Exploration, notes, “We’re excited with the larger scale interpretation suggesting that Nisk Main could potentially repeat itself in adjacent structural domains. The plan is to follow that up in a very near future.” Investors, don’t miss the chance to witness the evolution of a promising small cap company—watch the exclusive video interview for deeper insights.

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