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VIDEO – Kidoz Achieves Resilient Q3 2023 Revenue of Over US$2.8 Million

Posted by Nicole Rojas at 7:33 AM on Wednesday, December 6th, 2023

Kidoz Achieves Resilient Q3 2023 Revenue of Over US$2.8 Million

Defying Global Economic Headwinds

In the face of a challenging global economic landscape, Kidoz Inc. (KIDZ: TSXV) proudly announced its Q3 2023 financial results, showcasing remarkable resilience with revenue of US $2,808,354. Amidst market uncertainties and fluctuating economic indicators, Kidoz demonstrates strong performance, setting new standards for success.

Other Q3 Highlights:

  • Direct AdTech revenue of $2,492,058
  • Programmatic Ad Tech Revenue of $248,546
  • Gross Profit of $1,053,814

Strategic Evolution and Sales Model Transition:

  • Strategic Transition: In 2023, Kidoz evolved by transitioning to a robust, direct in-house sales model in America, departing from its previous agency representation strategy.
  • Early Success Indications: Early indications are highly encouraging, with Kidoz engaging an unprecedented number of brands and agencies, reflecting the strength and potential of the new approach.

Leadership in COPPA Media:

  • Critical Path for COPPA Compliance: As the leader in COPPA media, Kidoz is the industry’s technical backbone for kid-safe in-app media, establishing deeper relationships with leading brands.
  • Improved Communication: With improved relationships, leading brands better understand Kidoz’s role and enhanced technical capabilities derived from significant R&D investments.

Expansion of Prado Offering:

  • Prado Success: Kidoz’s Prado offering, targeting teens and parents, commenced in 2023, witnessing a record number of new campaigns in Q3.
  • High Demand in Smaller Countries: Despite elusive tier-one country campaigns, Prado experiences high demand in smaller countries, paving the way for expanded brand presence in 2024.

Jason Williams, Kidoz CEO

“In 2023, we see potential growth avenues despite some rescheduled campaigns. Our transition to a direct in-house sales model in America and the success of Prado offerings positions us for significant growth in 2024.”

Kidoz Inc.’s Q3 2023 financial highlights underscore its resilience and strategic evolution. Despite global challenges, the company’s revenue, strategic transitions, and market footprint enhancement demonstrate a trajectory for success. Investors, take advantage of this opportunity to explore Kidoz’s journey in this exclusive interview with CEO Jason Williams.

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