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VIDEO – Green River Gold Goes 50-50 In Nickel Drilling With Results Similar To Giga Metals. 43-101 Anticipated By Summer 2024

Posted by Brittany McNabb at 4:28 PM on Friday, December 8th, 2023

If you hit .300 in baseball, you’re a Hall Of Famer

If you shot 50% in basketball, you’re an icon

If you go 50-50 in drilling, you’re Green River Gold

In the dynamic realm of small-cap resources, Green River Gold ($CCR $CCRRF) emerges as a formidable player, offering investors a unique blend of opportunities in both the resilient gold market and the burgeoning battery metals sector. With Gold standing strong above $2,000 and the electric vehicle revolution igniting unprecedented demand for critical minerals, Green River Gold’s strategic projects in British Columbia position it at the forefront of a transformative era in the resource industry.

Projects Redefining Prospects:

Quesnel Nickel/Magnesium/Talc Project, Fontaine Gold Project, KaLi Lithium Pegmatite Project, Kymar Silver Project, and Midnight Special Prospect.

Green River Gold’s powerhouse portfolio spans key projects strategically located in British Columbia’s most promising mining districts. The Quesnel Nickel Project, in particular, stands out, with impressive assay results showcasing significant nickel, magnesium, cobalt, and chromium concentrations across 50 consecutive drill holes. Mine Manager Kyle Townsend emphasizes the immense upside potential, highlighting the ongoing drilling and an upcoming 6,000-meter NQ drill program as catalysts for success.

Validation through Assay Results:

In the recent report on the Quesnel Nickel Project, Kyle Townsend underscores the consistent mineralization and the exciting possibilities in the Cariboo Mining District. Assay results reveal an average nickel grade of 0.18% and over 21% average magnesium grade across 8 drill holes, setting the stage for substantial growth. The planned 6,000-meter NQ drill program, eagerly awaited as permits are secured, further amplifies the prospects of Green River Gold.

“The consistent presence of nickel, magnesium, cobalt, and chromium across all 50 consecutive drill holes demonstrates the immense upside potential of the Quesnel Nickel Project.”

Strategic Board Addition:

Adding a new dimension to its leadership, Green River Gold welcomes Mr. Craig Brekkas to its Board of Directors. With over 30 years of experience in the agriculture markets, Mr. Brekkas brings a wealth of knowledge to support Green River Gold’s exploration and potential development endeavors. Perry Little, President and CEO, expresses excitement about Mr. Brekkas’s perspective, signalling a promising period for the company.

Future-Focused Financing:

Green River Gold’s commitment to continued exploration is underscored by its non-brokered private placement offerings of over $1.1M consisting of both hard dollars and flow-through. The funds will fuel exploration drilling on the Quesnel Nickel Project.

As Green River Gold charts an ambitious course in the small-cap arena, its strategic projects, impressive assay results, and visionary leadership form a compelling narrative. The company’s unique position at the intersection of the enduring allure of gold and the surging demand for battery metals beckons investors to witness the unfolding success story in British Columbia’s rich mining landscape.

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