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GameOn Revolutionizing Web3 Gaming: Projecting $11.5M in 2024 Revenues Thanks To LaLiga And Other Global Partnerships

Posted by Brittany McNabb at 1:26 PM on Thursday, January 11th, 2024

A Visionary Force in Web3 Gaming

In the dynamic realm of Web3 gaming, where the blockchain gaming market is projected to soar to a staggering $614.9 billion by 2030, GameOn Entertainment Technologies stands as a trailblazer. Now, we delve into a crucial interview with GameOn’s CEO, Matt Bailey, shedding light on the company’s remarkable achievements, strategic partnerships, and the groundbreaking Web3 gaming landscape.

Setting the Stage: GameOn’s Ascension

The narrative of GameOn is one of ambition and exponential growth. Emerging publicly in 2021, the company swiftly secured its foothold, achieving a million dollars in adjusted revenue in 2022. By Q3 of 2023, GameOn had skyrocketed to $1,017,369 in revenue compared to $183,106 in 2022 setting the stage for a projected $11.5 million in 2024 and an astounding $40 million by 2026.

Pioneering Web3 Gaming: A Paradigm Shift

Decoding Web3 Gaming

In the interview, Matt Bailey elucidates the essence of Web3 gaming, highlighting its potential to redefine the gaming landscape. Blockchain and Web3, he contends, bring tangible benefits such as asset ownership and interoperability. The crux lies in transforming traditional gaming experiences into ones where players truly own their in-game assets.

Strategic Partnerships: LaLiga, PFL, and Karate Combat

GameOn’s prowess extends beyond rhetoric, as evidenced by strategic partnerships with global sports giants like LaLiga, PFL, and Karate Combat. Bailey attributes these alliances to a confluence of relationships and the ability to demonstrate value. These partnerships serve as the cornerstone for GameOn’s projections, promising not just revenue but a revolution in fan engagement.

LaLiga Partnership: A Masterstroke

Building Trust Through Relationships

GameOn’s collaboration with LaLiga is a testament to the power of relationships. Bailey’s decade-long experience in the sports industry, coupled with the trust garnered from past collaborations, positioned GameOn as a trusted partner for LaLiga.

Laying the Foundations for Fan Transformation

LaLiga’s choice of GameOn is rooted in the platform’s capability to transform fans into super fans. The innovative approach to Web3 gaming allows fans to own digital assets, fostering engagement and excitement among a new generation of sports enthusiasts.

GameOn’s Unique Value Proposition

Ownership Beyond Gaming: LaLiga NFTs

GameOn’s uniqueness lies in offering tangible ownership through LaLiga NFTs. Fans can not only use these digital assets in the GameOn ecosystem but also in various experiences beyond, showcasing the versatility of blockchain in sports engagement.

Revolutionizing Fantasy Gaming: A Hyper-Engaging Experience

Differentiating itself from traditional fantasy gaming, GameOn’s platform introduces a match-based fantasy game. Fans engage in a hyper-engaging, real-time 90-minute experience, influencing the outcome based on player performance. Prizes include cash, VIP experiences, tickets, and meet-and-greets.

GameOn’s Strategic Expansion: Beyond LaLiga

GameOn’s portfolio extends beyond LaLiga, encompassing partnerships with Karate Combat and PFL, positioning itself as a multi-faceted player in the Web3 gaming landscape. With a pipeline of negotiations and major league contracts, GameOn is poised for sustained growth in 2024.

Web3 Endorsement: Funding and Non-Dilutive Grants

The confidence in GameOn is palpable through substantial funding from Web3 powerhouses like Lightning Capital and Dapper Labs. Non-dilutive grants from companies like Arbitrum, Hedera, and Polygon further validate GameOn’s position as a frontrunner in the Web3 space.

Sportsology Partnership: A Gateway to the Future

GameToken: Bridging Gaming and Cryptocurrency

The collaboration with Sportsology unveils GameToken, a next-gen digital currency designed to reward users and enhance in-game experiences. GameOn’s unique position allows it to integrate GameToken seamlessly, adding a layer of innovation to the gaming ecosystem.

Revenue Projections and Ecosystem Expansion

The Sportsology deal not only marks a significant revenue stream, with $2.3 million projected for Q4-23 and up to $9.3 million estimated but also signifies the realization of GameOn’s ecosystem-building vision.

GameOn’s Triumph and the Road Ahead

In a span of just a few years, GameOn has evolved into a transformative force in Web3 gaming. From strategic partnerships with global sports entities to pioneering innovations like GameToken, GameOn’s journey is characterized by visionary leadership and a commitment to revolutionizing the gaming landscape. As investors contemplate entry into the crypto space, GameOn stands as a gateway to Web3, offering exposure and participation in a sector poised for unprecedented growth. As we embark on 2024, the stage is set for GameOn to continue its ascent, promising an exciting year of innovation, partnerships, and financial success.

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