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Signing of a Multilateral Commitment to Explore the Possibility of Integrating Novacium’s Hydrogen Manufacturing Technology in Vehicles Made by ARQUUS

Posted by Alavaro Coronel at 8:03 AM on Wednesday, January 24th, 2024

In a groundbreaking move set to redefine the landscape of military vehicle technology, HPQ Silicon Inc. (TSX-V: HPQ) (OTCQB: HPQFF) (FRA: O08) announces a strategic commitment with ARQUUS, NOVACIUM SAS, and LN INNOV’ SAS. This multilateral commitment aims to explore the integration of Novacium’s revolutionary hydrogen production system into ARQUUS company vehicles, marking a pivotal moment in the convergence of green technology and military applications.

Background and Context

Founded in Quebec, HPQ Silicon has been at the forefront of green engineering, specializing in silica and silicon-based materials. This latest collaboration aligns seamlessly with the company’s mission to develop environmentally friendly processes crucial for achieving net-zero emissions. The strategic alliance involves ARQUUS, a key player within the Volvo Group, recognized for designing, manufacturing, and supporting tactical and logistic vehicles for armed forces globally.

Key Highlights and Advantages

Novacium’s hydrogen production system presents a paradigm shift in traditional methodologies. Unlike electrolysis-based systems, this innovation operates autonomously, eliminating the need for extensive infrastructure and electricity. The produced hydrogen, reaching industry-standard pressure levels, offers a versatile and efficient on-site energy source. The dual-application process caters to both military and civilian needs, prioritizing a low-carbon footprint and high-pressure autonomous hydrogen production under various conditions, even off-grid.

Potential Impact and Significance

The collaboration signifies not only a leap forward in green technology but also a strategic move within the military sector. Hydrogen’s role as a clean and safe on-site energy source opens new possibilities for both industrial and military applications. The commitment reflects a shared vision of transforming energy usage, contributing to economic opportunities, enhancing energy sovereignty, and reinforcing the technological capacity of the Armed Forces.

Expert Opinions and Analysis

Mr. Jed KRAIEM PhD, COO of Novacium, emphasizes the innovative approach’s potential to unlock hydrogen’s safe and clean energy applications. Bernard Tourillon, President and CEO of NOVACIUM SAS and HPQ Silicon Inc., sees this commitment as a crucial step toward commercializing Novacium’s hydrogen manufacturing process. Nathalie MAZEAU, LN INNOV’ CEO, views hydrogen as a significant opportunity for France and its armed forces, providing economic benefits and strengthening energy sovereignty.

Challenges and Considerations

While the commitment heralds a transformative shift, it’s essential to acknowledge potential challenges. The successful integration of Novacium’s technology into ARQUUS vehicles may face technical and logistical considerations. However, the commitment demonstrates the parties’ dedication to overcoming these challenges and advancing towards a sustainable future.


The multilateral commitment between HPQ Silicon, ARQUUS, Novacium, and LN INNOV’ signifies a momentous stride towards revolutionizing military vehicle technology. By exploring the integration of Novacium’s hydrogen production system, the collaboration pioneers a new era in clean and safe on-site energy solutions. As the project progresses, it holds the promise of not only transforming military applications but also contributing to broader advancements in green technology.


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