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HPQ Silicon Groundbreaking Advancement in Li-Ion Battery Tech Unleashes $130 Billion Silicon Anode Market Potential

Posted by Alavaro Coronel at 9:29 AM on Friday, March 22nd, 2024

In electric vehicle (EV) batteries, the anode serves as a critical component, acting as a storage vessel for lithium ions that are then released when the battery is being used to power the car.

Graphite anodes, the current market dominators, have reached their peak energy density. This limitation is prompting a shift toward Silicon-based anodes, which offer up to 10 times the energy density.

Major players like Porsche, Mercedes, and GM are embracing this technology, recognizing its potential to revolutionise EV performance.

But while silicon-based anode materials hold great promise for batteries, they are known to suffer from significant degradation during charging and discharging cycles.

Solving this problem will open up a market for silicon anode materials that could reach $130B by 2033.


HPQ Silicon is a technology company specialising in green engineering for silicon manufacturing. Positioned strategically to become a key supplier for Silicon materials in battery anodes, HPQ Silicon’s efforts align with the US and Canadian governments’ initiatives to establish domestic battery manufacturing ecosystems.

Novacium, HPQ’s France-based affiliate, has acquired patents enhancing anode material performance, particularly in silicon-based Li-ion batteries. With the pressing demand for domestic battery material suppliers, HPQ Silicon’s advancements in engineered SiOx materials position it as a crucial player in meeting the evolving needs of the electric vehicle industry while addressing supply chain vulnerabilities.


Dr. Jed Kraiem, Novacium’s COO,

“We are learning a lot from these results at 100 cycles, results that continue to surpass our initial theoretical expectations of a 10% improvement in battery performance. These results are incredibly encouraging indicators of the material’s commercial viability in the battery manufacturing sector and underscore our ability to produce a blend of graphite and advanced engineered silicon anode material that significantly enhances battery performance.”


Data analysis showcases the remarkable consistency and minimal degradation of Novacium’s silicon-based material blend at the 100-cycle mark. Despite Silicon’s historical degradation tendencies, Novacium’s engineered anode material demonstrates comparable degradation rates to graphite batteries, fueling optimism for future developments.


A side-by-side comparison illustrates the energy density of Novacium’s silicon blend among the top-performing 18650 commercial batteries. HPQ and Novacium emphasise the preliminary nature of these tests, hinting at further optimization potential for enhanced battery performance.

Bernard Tourillon, President and CEO of HPQ Silicon and Novacium,

“I am profoundly encouraged by the results to date. This achievement reflects our ability to deliver a material that can improve the performances of most batteries available in the market. However, I am even more excited about the potential of our next generations of materials.”


Bernard Tourillon, President and CEO of HPQ Silicon acknowledges the frustration among shareholders, including themselves, regarding the company’s stock price. Tourillon emphasises that despite the selling pressure on HPQ stock, it is not reflective of the company’s performance but rather specific circumstances of one shareholder. Despite the frustration, they express confidence in the company’s actions over the past year, which have generated the liquidity needed to absorb the selling pressure. The Tourillon urges shareholders to differentiate between market conditions unrelated to the company and its own strategic efforts. They stress the importance of addressing this issue to ensure shareholders understand the company’s trajectory, even amidst positive developments such as successful press releases.

As Novacium pushes boundaries in battery innovation, HPQ Silicon positions itself as a key player in the pursuit of greener, more efficient energy solutions. Explore the transformative potential of Novacium’s breakthrough technology in the video interview.


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