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VIDEO – ImagineAR $ $IPNFF Casino Partner Plans Augmented Reality Marketing For Over 80 Properties $ $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 11:57 AM on Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

If you don’t know what Augmented Reality (AR) is, this quote from Apple CEO Tim Cook is all the motivation you need to get up to speed:

“AR Will play an important role in how we use technology in the future – and promises to be as influential in our society as the smart phone”  

 AR is essentially a technology that lays digital images and graphics over the real world.  

As the name implies, ImagineAR (IP:CSE) (IPNFF:OTCQB) is an Augmented Reality Company that enables businesses to create their own mobile phone AR campaigns with no programming or technology experience.  More than just lip service, the Company recently announced a partnership with Engaged Nation, an award winning leader of digital market for some of the world’s biggest casinos, whose CEO said the following about ImagineAR

“”We are excited to add ImagineAR to our interactive platform. We pride ourselves on offering the most advanced technology to our clients and their customers. We know that augmented reality can play a significant role in driving more customer engagement and trips to a casino property. ImagineAR’s platform is ideal to help accomplish that goal”

That quote is just the tip of the iceberg.  Watch what Epstein has to say about how his company selected ImagineAR and how aggressively they plan to roll it out to casinos. 
If Engaged Nation knows a good bet when it sees one, Imagine AR (IP:CSE) is the Augmented Reality company that allows small cap investors to participate in the growth of the space, which IP says is projected to grow ~ 2,000% in the next 4 years …. that is not a typo! 

IP is not a one trick pony either.  They started commercializing their mobile Augmented Reality Platform long before this deal with Engaged Nation.  Clients include:

  • NBA Sacramento Kings
  • Mall Of America
  • AT&T Shape
  • Basketball Hall Of Fame
  • ….. more

As a result, ImagineAR is now well positioned to further commercialize and capitalize on massive demand for Augmented Reality
If our interview with CEO Alen Paul Silverrstieen and Jerry Epstein is any indication, it sounds like the Company’s growth into the casino industry is all but assured in 2020.

Watch this interview or listen by Podcast on AppleGoogleSpotify or your favourite podcaster.