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Revolutionizing Fantasy Sports: GameOn Launches $GAME Token Today

Posted by Brittany McNabb at 2:10 PM on Monday, June 3rd, 2024

GameOn’s $GAME Token: A New Era in Fantasy Sports

Today marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of fantasy sports with the launch of GameOn’s $GAME token. This groundbreaking development promises to revolutionize how fans engage with their favorite sports, players, and teams. With $GAME, GameOn is set to redefine the fantasy sports experience, offering unparalleled opportunities for engagement, rewards, and community participation.

Get To Know GameOn 

Founded in 2018, GameOn (CSE: GET) (OTCQB: GMETF) is a mobile-first, next-gen fantasy sports gaming company. Integrating cutting-edge Web3 technology, GameOn aims to enhance player engagement and asset ownership. The company has forged significant partnerships with premier sports leagues such as LaLiga, Professional Fighters League (PFL), and Karate Combat, leveraging blockchain solutions from Arbitrum to deliver a rich, interactive fantasy sports gaming experience.

Introducing the $GAME Token

Launched in collaboration with Sportsology, the $GAME token is designed to be the cornerstone of GameOn’s innovative fantasy sports ecosystem. Operating on the Arbitrum blockchain, $GAME powers the GameOn Live Fantasy app, enhancing the in-game experience for users. This token is not just a currency; it’s a gateway to a host of unique features and opportunities within the GameOn ecosystem.

KeyUse Cases for $GAME

$GAME offers a variety of uses that enhance the fantasy sports experience:

  • Purchase Avatars and Gear: Users can buy playable avatars and cosmetic gear, boosting their points and improving their chances of climbing divisions for better rewards.
  • In-Game Credits: Credits can be used to level up avatars, buy boosts, and unlock many other in-app features.
  • Community Voting: Holders of $GAME can participate in voting, influencing the development of new products, features, and sports.
  • Exclusive Rewards: Redeem $GAME for merchandise, match tickets, and VIP experiences that are exclusive to the GameOn platform.

Tokenomics and Sustainability

The $GAME tokenomics have been carefully designed to ensure a balanced and sustainable long-term game economy. With a total supply of 100 million tokens, the initial circulating supply is 14 million. This includes allocations for liquidity, rewards, marketing, and the GameOn treasury. Advisors and team allocations have structured unlock periods to maintain stability and trust within the ecosystem.

Available on Major Exchanges

Starting today, $GAME is available for purchase on three major exchanges: Kucoin, Gate, and MEXC. Paired with USDT, these platforms ensure that $GAME is accessible to a broad audience, facilitating efficient trading and integration into the GameOn ecosystem.

GameOn’s Stellar Partnerships

GameOn’s success is bolstered by its strategic partnerships with leading sports organizations. Collaborations with LaLiga, PFL, and Karate Combat bring a wealth of opportunities and experiences to the GameOn platform. These partnerships enhance the value and appeal of $GAME, providing fans with unprecedented access to their favorite sports and athletes.

Milestones Leading to the Launch

GameOn has achieved several significant milestones leading up to the launch of $GAME:

  • Grant from Sportsology: GameOn received a grant of 59 million $GAME tokens from Sportsology, underscoring the strategic importance of this partnership.
  • $GAME Week: Leading up to the launch, GameOn and Sportsology hosted over 50 events, including AMAs, live streams, and special sessions with influencers and sports legends like Javi Martinez.
  • Community and Influencer Engagement: Influencers such as Mario Nawfal, praised by Elon Musk, have supported $GAME, hosting major audio events on platforms like X.

Join the Revolution

With the launch of the $GAME token, GameOn is poised to lead the next generation of fantasy sports. By integrating blockchain technology and fostering strong partnerships, GameOn offers a dynamic, rewarding, and engaging experience for sports fans worldwide. Dive into the future of fantasy sports with $GAME and be a part of this exciting journey.

For more information, visit and follow GameOn on social media to stay updated on the latest developments and opportunities.

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GameOn Entertainment Leads the Web3 Fantasy Sports Revolution with LaLiga Partnership and $GAME Token Integration

Posted by Brittany McNabb at 12:08 PM on Monday, February 26th, 2024


In the dynamic world of Web3 gaming, GameOn Entertainment Technologies (CSE: GET) (OTCQB: GMETF) is a visionary small-cap company poised to revolutionize the landscape of fantasy sports.

With projections forecasting the global blockchain gaming market to exceed $614.91 billion by 2030, GameOn’s strategic partnerships and financial achievements underscore its position as a frontrunner in this burgeoning industry. Join CEO Matt Bailey as he delves into GameOn’s groundbreaking initiatives and transformative vision in this exclusive interview.

🔥Powerful Team and Strategic Partnerships:

GameOn is guided by a dynamic team of experts in Web3, sports, and entertainment, boasting extensive experience from renowned entities like Dapper Labs, Take-Two Interactive, Twitch, and the Brooklyn Nets. Their collective expertise ensures that GameOn isn’t merely making promises but is actively reshaping the landscape of Superfan engagement.

💰GameOn Receives 59,000,000 $GAME Token Grant from Sportsology:

In a recent press release, GameOn announced a groundbreaking partnership with Sportsology and the integration of $GAME tokens into major league projects, propelling fan engagement to unprecedented heights.

This partnership drives the integration of $GAME into major league projects, starting with LaLiga, ensuring unified experiences and rewards across GameOn’s ecosystem.

Projected Revenue Growth and Global Expansion:

GameOn’s strategic partnerships with premier sports leagues like:

➡️ LaLiga
➡️ Karate Combat
➡️Professional Fighters League (PFL)

position it as a global leader in fantasy gaming. Projected revenues are set to soar to $40 million by 2026, with significant milestones already achieved, including a projected revenue of $11.5 million in 2024.

LaLigaNFTs, launched on social media, has garnered massive fan acceptance, with a community nearing 100,000 even before GameOn’s highly anticipated warchest mint.

🗣️CEO Matt Bailey’s Vision:

According to CEO Matt Bailey, “$GAME is a natural fit for our ecosystem of next-gen fantasy games, launched with the best sports leagues in the world.”

With the integration of $GAME tokens, GameOn is ushering in a new era of fan engagement and revenue growth, solving interoperability between games, leagues, and different apps. With visionary leadership and strategic partnerships in place, GameOn is poised to dominate the Web3 gaming landscape.


As GameOn Entertainment continues to disrupt the fantasy sports industry, investors and enthusiasts alike are invited to join the forefront of innovation. With ambitious projections and groundbreaking initiatives, GameOn is not just shaping the future of fantasy gaming; it’s leading the charge towards a new era of fan engagement and revenue generation. Don’t miss out on witnessing the evolution of Web3 gaming with GameOn. Tune in now and be part of the revolution.

VIDEO – GameOn Revolutionizing Web3 Gaming: Projecting $11.5M in 2024 Revenues Thanks To LaLiga And Other Global Partnerships

Posted by Brittany McNabb at 9:03 AM on Thursday, January 11th, 2024

Did you know? The blockchain gaming market – better known as Web3 gaming – is projected to skyrocket to an earth shattering $614.91 billion market by 2030?

GameOn Entertainment Technologies ($GET $GMETF) is a small-cap powerhouse making waves in the explosive Web3 gaming market. $GET is a next generation fantasy sports platform that has partnered with some of the world’s best sports leagues like LALIGA to launch web3 games that transform fans into Superfans.

GameOn is led by a diverse team of Web3, sports, and entertainment experts, with experience from the likes of Take-Two Interactive, Twitch, EA Sports, Dapper Labs, NBA TopShots and the Brooklyn Nets to make sure GameOn isn’t  just talking the talk but walking the walk when it comes to revolutionizing Superfan engagement.

Join CEO Matt Bailey as he delves into the strategic partnerships and financial triumphs propelling GameOn into the spotlight in this exclusive interview.

GameOn’s Web3 Odyssey: Rapid Acceleration From Web3 Gaming Startup To Global Leader

  • From a startup with minimal revenues in 2021, GameOn is already leading the charge in revolutionizing Superfan engagement with growing revenues, Tier-1 global clients and funding from Web3 powerhouses that want to be a part of GameOn’s growth this decade.

Financial Triumphs: Q3 2023 Proves Record-Breaking

  • Explore GameOn’s financial prowess from a record breaking year! With a record $1 million in adjusted revenue in 2022, 2023 is set to deliver $4,000,000 – $5,000,000 in revenue once the final numbers are in.
  • This success is setting the stage for an ambitious $11.5 million projection in 2024 and $40M Revenue by 2026.

Strategic Partnerships with Sports Titans: LALIGA and PFL Take Center Stage:

  • Learn all about GameOn’s strategic collaborations with sports giants like LALIGA and PFL, why they are choosing to partner with GameOn and how the Company’s Web3 platform helps clients transform fans into Superfans.
  • If that wasn’t all, the company’s visionary $GAME initiative, developed in partnership with Sportsology, promises to reshape the blockchain gaming landscape.

$GAME: Next-Gen Fantasy Sports Infrastructure Unleashed:

  • Unpack the $GAME initiative, a groundbreaking fantasy sports infrastructure set to drive fan engagement and revenue growth globally. With an estimated value of $9.3 million over five years from the Sportsology deal alone, as well as, the currency powering the La Liga initiative, $GAME is poised to redefine the gaming experience for tens of millions of fans and Web3 gamers around the world.

Financial Backing and Prestigious Grants Validate GameOn’s Potential:

Spotlight GameOn’s robust financial backing underscore GameOn’s potential for monumental growth:

  • $1.7 million from Web3 powerhouses like Lightning Capital and Dapper Labs.
  • Non-dilutive grants from global blockchain powerhouses such as Polygon, Hedera, and Arbitrum.

In the words of CEO Matt Bailey

“Q3’s results and recent news are a validation of our relentless building in a bear market, setting us up to be a successor of the next bull run.”

GameOn’s trajectory, marked by record revenues, influential partnerships, and groundbreaking initiatives like $GAME, cements its status as a small-cap company with the potential to capitalize on the hypergrowth of Web3 gaming.

Investors seeking a thrilling journey into the world of Web3 gaming won’t want to miss this exclusive interview.

Embark on the future of gaming with GameOn – Watch the interview now and unveil the secrets behind the rise of a Web3 powerhouse.