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What Motivates Us Motivators? Motivational Video #1

Posted by AGORACOM at 1:21 AM on Saturday, January 28th, 2017

I know for a fact that everyone of us is born with a couple of special talents. They’re either physical (athletes), mental (scholars), entrepreneurial (business people), or spiritual (dedicated to family, friends and humanity). I’ll go deeper into these another time but don’t make the mistake of thinking the last group is the simplest. The last group are the most valuable and indispensable.  

For now, I know that one of my gifts is the ability to truly appreciate the gift of life and, in turn, motivate others to appreciate their lives and get on with their dreams.

Having said that, even the motivators need motivation. I draw on many different sources and spend considerable time with them. I know that many of you have neither the sources, nor the time because you’ve fallen into the trap of life. Again, a deeper discussion for another time. You need smaller bites in order to help get you going and start escaping the Matrix. So I’m happy to present the following video clip. I watch this nearly everyday, sometimes 4-5 times a day.

Don’t just watch it once. There is no possible way for your brain and your soul to absorb it all. The first 2 times you watch it, you’ll be literal … you’ll listen to all the words and look at all the images.  The magic happens in views 3 – 10, when you sit back, let it play in the background and feel it begin marinating in your soul, your DNA. That’s when you start believing that you can be so much more.

If that kind of talk scares you, then you’re not ready. You’re still closed up and hiding behind your walls… and that’s a whole other conversation.

On the other hand, if that kind of talk speaks to you, if it hits a cord within you, then you’re ready for a different path and start accepting the special talents within you … and that’s a conversation worth having.

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