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Avalon Ventures Gets Blogged

Posted by AGORACOM at 10:22 AM on Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

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Avalon Ventures (AVL: TSX-V) has been blogged by the people over at Riding The Gravy Train.  In addition to writing about the fact they like Avalon and have been accumulating it under $1.50, it is also important to note that the world of small-caps is already on its way towards being covered in the blogosphere.  Here are 2 blog posts from RTGT regarding Avalon:

  1. Accumulating AVL
  2. Accumulating AVL #2

If you’re a small-cap company without a Web 2.0 IR strategy, it is time to get a move on!


2 Responses to “Avalon Ventures Gets Blogged”

  1. bayboy says:

    AVL is awaiting their Pre Feasabiliy study for two different mines. The rare metals at Thor Lake is getting a lot of attention. I bought my shares for an averge of 40 cents and it is around $2.00 at the present time. They have developed a method of removing the arsenic from their waste water which is just great for Thor Lake. They have also developed a floatation method for sorting the rare metals from the slag and that will save them a lot of dollars. Anybody who is looking for a great place to invest this is the place. They have caught the attention of global investors who are awaiting the feasability study results.Do your due dilegence and go for it. China will.

  2. HSAPrez says:

    I’ve been following Avalon for some time now and believe that its full potential has yet to be realized. The demand for rare metals will only continue to grow as our dependence upon electronic devices continues to grow.