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Web 2.0 Means Massive Visibility For Small-Cap Companies

Posted by AGORACOM at 12:11 PM on Saturday, May 12th, 2007

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As little as 12 months ago, search engines were the most important (and only) source of online visibility for small-cap companies.  Given the fact most small-cap companies don’t stand a chance of appearing on page 1 or 2 of search engine rankings, AGORACOM launched the first ever search engine IR programs last year.

However, the lightning fast advent of Web 2.0 means that search engine rankings no longer have a strangle hold on visibility and the ability to attract traffic.  Search engines are still the best way to attract potential investors, brokers and analysts but they are now part of an online ecosystem that is designed to give you visibility .  Afterall, isn’t visibility the result we are all after?  Do we care if it comes from search engines or smoke signals?  No.  We just want visibility.

With this fact in mind, you can’t afford to ignore powerful Web 2.0 tools now available to you.  Why?  Because Web 2.0 is an information system based on keywords and tags that allows investors and public companies to connect at the most granular levels.  (If you can’t recognize the logos at the top of this post, you are guilty of ignoring Web 2.0). Gone are the days of generic search terms locating generic items and websites.  If you have something to say about Rare Metals or GPS Systems , you can say it and throw yourself right into the global information flow about those topics immediately.

Some of the most important Web 2.0 tools are as follows:  Don’t be intimidated by any lack of knowledge or technology, AGORACOM is at your disposal for a reason – couldn’t avoid it 🙂

  • Blogs – Small-cap analysts, investors and mouth pieces are now using blogs to express their opinions and analysis.  Why?  Because blogs give writers an instant way to throw themselves into the global information stream that was once reserved for journalists.  Unfortunately, a small-group of journalists are no match for a global network of small-cap talent. The result?  Blogs are becoming a preferred source of information by investors looking for great sources of information.  Think blogs are for the fringe?  Tell that to Donald Trump, Sun Microsystems and General Motors. You can’t ignore them.
  • Webcasting – The ability to broadcast your message for the small-cap community to hear at any time is powerful.  Unfortunately, most small and micro-cap companies have all but ignored this medium, with the exception of some generic “canned” messages or interviews.  Why is it so important? Webcasting gives you an ability to connect with your investors and potential investors that text can never accomplish.
  • Podcasting – Podcasting is webcasting on steroids.  It the Web 2.0 vehicle that allows your message to spread via keyword, phrases and tags to anyone around the world looking for a company like yours.  You can broadcast your message on iTunes or any number of huge podcast sites around the world for investors to download your message. Think podcasting is for the fringe?  Tell that to Jim Cramer.  FYI, AGORACOM has launched which is broadcast around the world via iTunes, Yahoo Podcast and other such sites.

I could go on to discuss social networks, online video and online photos but I can best summarize by quoting online marketing specialist Lee Odden who stated in an article about this very subject .. “If you consider all the traffic opportunities from news search, blog search, social media as well as stand alone image, video and audio search, there’s a lot of accountability left on the table when not considering all the possible sources of web site visitors”

The best part about using Web 2.0 for investor relations?  Cost.  Better yet, ROI.  You can reach the entire small-cap community without impacting your cash position – and I’m not just talking about investors.  I’m talking about brokers, analysts, fund managers, new customers, new suppliers and kick-ass hiring candidates.  In short, everyone you need to make yourself a better company.

Have a great day.


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