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Will The New Google Finance Canada Follow Yahoo and AOL By Adding A “Small-Cap Centre”?

Posted by AGORACOM at 1:05 PM on Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Great news for Canadian investors as Google has announced the launch of Google Finance Canada, a localized version of the original Google Finance. The Canadian version provides some good information at a glance, including top movers and shakers (and losers) by marketcap, price, dollar volume, etc.

According to , Dion Loy, the move seems to have been predicated by the fact that Canadians – despite their small population – are the second largest users of Google Finance. He goes on to add:

“…a Canadian myself, I’m excited to see Canadian financial information presented in the familiar easy to use Google Finance format.


The missing element here is that both the news feeds and video feeds focus overwhelmingly on large/mega-cap news. In order to capture the true nature of Canadian investors, I believe Google Finance Canada needs to follow suit with Yahoo Finance Canada and AOL Finance Canada by providing a small-cap centre (CDN spelling). This is especially true in an environment in which TSX Venture stocks are posting spectacular gains thanks to a bullish metals and minerals resources market.

Dion, as the exclusive provider to small-cap content to both the Yahoo and AOL Small-Cap Centres, as well as, every Blackberry device on the planet, we’d love to speak with you about incorporating a small-cap feed(s) of information.

In the meantime, hats off to Google for recognizing the independence of Canadian investors and equities.


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