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Press Release – AGORACOM Launches Canada’s First Stock Market Social Network

Posted by AGORACOM at 8:05 AM on Friday, September 21st, 2007

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – Sept. 21, 2007) – AGORACOM (, Canada’s only provider of monitored online communities to public companies is proud to announce the successful integration and launch of Canada’s first stock market social network. Currently, over 65 public companies use AGORACOM to host their official online community for the purposes of amalgamating and communicating with investors in a monitored environment free of spam, profanity, stock bashing and pumping.


The AGORACOM Social Network provides investors with unprecedented networking, collaborating and ranking tools for the purpose of helping members make the best investment decisions possible. Some examples of these social networking tools include the following:



AGORACOM has built a robust member rating and ranking system that allows members to anonymously rate each other on a scale of 1-5 and displays a real-time average ranking of each member. The member rating system is dynamic and allows ratings to be changed at anytime based on the performance of members at any given moment.

The AGORACOM member rating and ranking system provides investors with an ability to immediately measure the reputation of any given member at any given time, thus providing investors with an ability to appropriately value the quality of information posted by any member.


AGORACOM provides members with the ability to rate the value of each post to our monitored discussion forums and displays a real-time ranking of the value of each post.



AGORACOM provides members with an ability to create extensive profiles that include information related to their city, country, biography, profession and favourite sports, movies, websites, blogs and books for the purposes of significantly increasing interaction between investors with similar interests and backgrounds.

Most importantly, members can provide a list of their favourite stocks which, combined with the AGORACOM rating and ranking system, provides investors with a simple but effective way of tracking the investments of the community’s’ highest ranking members.


In response to the online shift towards video, AGORACOM provides members with an ability to broadcast a video message to members of the community directly from their respective profiles.


AGORACOM provides participating public companies with the ability to webcast their interviews and audio messages that are immediately converted into podcasts on and placed on the world’s largest podcast sites including iTunes and Yahoo Podcast.

AGORACOM President, George Tsiolis stated, “We are the pioneers of Canada’s first and only monitored discussion forums for TSX Venture and TSX listed companies. With more than 65 companies now using us to provide their official online investor communities, we reached a critical mass that warranted the pioneering of Canada’s first stock market social network.”

George went on to say “This is a very proud day for AGORACOM and every public company, shareholder and market official that embraced our Web 2.0 vision and helped make it a reality. Members of the Canadian investing community should look for even greater functionality to be announced in the very immediate future. Stock discussion forums are never going to be the same.”

About AGORACOM – No Profanity, No Spam, No Stock Bashing, No Stock Pumping

AGORACOM ( is North America’s largest official online community for public companies. Unlike stock communities that provide investors with unmonitored stock discussion forums plagued by profanity, spam, stock bashing and pumping, AGORACOM was built to serve the interests of public companies and investors by creating monitored communities focusing on quality over quantity.

AGORACOM is the official provider of “Small-Cap Centres – Powered By AGORACOM” to Yahoo Finance Canada, AOL Finance Canada and every Blackberry device on the planet.

For more information, please contact

George Tsiolis, LL.B
Email: [email protected]

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