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AGORACOM Sponsors TechCrunch40!

Posted by AGORACOM at 2:51 PM on Friday, September 14th, 2007

Good morning to you all. It gives me great pleasure to announce that AGORACOM has become an official sponsor of the TechCrunch40 conference.

Why are we sponsoring a Web 2.0 tech conference?

We have found that high-profile sponsorships have helped our business take-off over the past year, so we’re now applying that same principal to our branding and awareness camapaign. This is especially true in the Web 2.0 world where it is very difficult to get the attention of Silicon Valley from Toronto. Doubly so when you factor in the fact we are in the finance community biz (not quite as sexy as Twitter).

I am hoping our strong and proven business model, along with our Tier-1 partnerships at Yahoo Finance Canada, AOL Finance Canada and Blackberry will resonate with the right people. Wish us luck!

Are there any other Canadians going to TC40? Let me know and we’ll meet on the floor. If not, I’ll be sure to blog about it on the fly and let you know how the conference is going.

What is TechCrunch40?

It is a conference in search of the best web 2.0 start-ups in the world. Several hundred companies applied and only 40 have been selected to present their case in front of an expert panel. One will go home the official winner, though all of them will benefit from great exposure to media, venture capitalists, bloggers and other key players.


P.S. – AGORACOM would have applied to become a potential finalist but one of the criteria is that you had to unveil your new site/application at the conference and we weren’t sure if our Wiki-powered small-cap financial community would be ready on time. (Actually looks like we’re going to beta testing this afternoon and possibly launch on Monday – but still too close to call)

3 Responses to “AGORACOM Sponsors TechCrunch40!”

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  2. John Pasalis says:

    Congratulations George, that’s great news.

    Your site and AgoracomTV are looking great. I’m looking forward to checking out the upcoming release.

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