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AGORACOM Request For Mahalo Search Terms Related To Small-Cap Stock Sector

Posted by AGORACOM at 6:39 PM on Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Many of you will recall our announcement that we were sponsoring TechCrunch40. Some of you didn’t quite see the connection between a small-cap community and a Web2.0 conference. The answer, quite simply, is there was no connection. Rather, the sponsorship was our coming out party and introducing our kick-ass small-cap community to the Silicon Valley crowd.

It worked. We made great contacts with VC’s, bloggers and other influential people.

One of those people was Jason Calacanis. In addition to being half-Greek (major pointage) he’s also considered a pretty serious mover and shaker in the business. His latest project is Mahalo, the world’s first people powered search engine, where they’ve completed over 20,000 pages in short order and have a couple of hundred folks creating them in real time.

In a true demonstration of the power of the Web, Mahalo has started a program where they will take requests for search results from the public. We’re not one to pass up a great opportunity, so we’ll take Jason and his crew up on the offer. As such, on behalf of the entire small-cap industry, we respectfully request Mahalo to build the following search terms (and some self-serving suggestions to get them going).

Given the rabid nature of small-cap investors, as well as, our rabid growth in the space due to implementation of smart Web 2.0 tools, Mahalo should do well with the following “MahaloToDo” list:

Small-Cap Stocks

Small-Cap Podcasts

Small-Cap Blog

Small-Cap Discussion Forums

Small-Cap Community

Small-Cap Resource Stocks

Small-Cap Energy Stocks

Hope this helps. Thanks to Mahalo for any effort they can provide on behalf of the good side of the small-cap industry.


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