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The Ultimate Member Testimonial – We’re Onto Something

Posted by AGORACOM at 8:08 AM on Friday, September 5th, 2008

AGORACOM has been blessed with great success thanks to an incredible team of people, great clients and fantastic members. I define success as a 50/50 combination of bottom line profit and client/member satisfaction.

Despite the fact I weigh them equally, I have to tell you that I receive greater personal satisfaction when clients/members tell me how AGORACOM has impacted their lives. At the end of the day, adding more zero’s to the bank account has a diminishing return because one can only spend so much. Look no further than Warren Buffet as the ultimate example.

On the other hand, you can never have enough bottom line happiness and satisfaction. The more you have, the more you can utilize through smiles, laughter, pride and spirit. That’s why we keep track of client and member testimonials. This morning, I received an amazing shot of pride and joy thanks to one of our members that sent me the following private message:

I really like your thoughts and joint collaboration with the ARU small retailers here.
Even if on the background you are just trying to get through the day, make a ‘profit’,
get this great site running, empowering us and yourself, which sometimes may seem
like a corporate body on itself, in the greater scope of things you are the angel fighting
for us to stay above the waterline.

I think all small shareholders should worship this site and its administration, for in the
future lots of collaborations could stem from this site.

You truely are the seed of what the future will bring. I wish the best of times and luck
in the future, you deserve it. Lets hope integrity sticks around, this is paramount to your
success. Be hard on people who don’t stick to the rules. This may sound like a dictating
role, maybe this is necessary to get a structured empowering body to work in this world.
Later we can relax a little hopefully, once you get a name for instance and a respected
stance. I hope you continue to look for more administrators to help out functioning
just like you do, helping out, bringing in the connections and press and knowlegde.

Stay honest…

kind regards

ps. I hope I set the right tone in my message, I really support your work and entrepreneuriL spirit, I am certain you will be one of my great examples in the future for my own endeavors…

Made my day. I wish this kind of success upon all of you.


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