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US National Debt Clock Runs Out Of Space

Posted by AGORACOM at 2:26 PM on Thursday, October 9th, 2008

“The National Debt Clock in New York City has run out of digits to record the
growing figure. As a short-term fix, the digital dollar sign on the billboard-style
clock near Times Square has been switched to a figure – the “1” in $10 trillion.”
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Hat-tip to Peter Grandich for posting the story first. More than just quick on the draw, Peter has been warning us about this for as long as I can remember by telling us “Americans are robbing Peter to pay Paul but Peter is tapped out.”

Sorry Grandich, it isn’t just Peter that is tapped out, now its the clock that tracks the whole thing. Wow. How gold hasn’t shot past $1,500, let alone $1,000, is beyond me. Read my $1,000 Gold category.

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  1. Jonnyblue says:

    Actually it was singer song writer and artist in 1990