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AGORACOM Is 1 of only 13 Finance Content Providers To Every Blackberry Device On The Planet

Posted by AGORACOM at 12:41 PM on Thursday, January 8th, 2009

On my recent family trip to Disney, I couldn’t help but notice the enormous amount of people using their phones in long line-ups to snap photos, shoot small video clips and communicate with their friends via E-Mail, SMS and MMS. In addition, a large number of parents were using their smartphones to surf the web as they waited for their kids to complete rides.

Ironically enough, this drove me to use my Blackberry to post this comment via AGORACOM Twitter.

As a result, I have to conclude that 2009 will be the tipping point for mobile surfing and communications.  I know most early adopters have been doing this for years but I’ve always said we need the masses to participate for any tool or app to really gain big traction.


Consequently, look for AGORACOM to significantly advance its mobile efforts in Q1.  I say “advance” rather than “launch” because we’ve had a pretty good mobile profile for a couple of years now.  Specifically, AGORACOM is the exclusive provider of small-cap content to every Blackberry device on the planet and 1 of only 13 Blackberry financial content partners.

Here is the official list of financial content providers to the Blackberry Finance Channel.  It obviously does not look as good on the web because it’s built for mobile – but you get the picture.  If you want to view it on your mobile browser, it is a long URL, so I’ve created a shortened version that you can easily punch in:


The same thing goes for the AGORACOM Small-Cap Center on Blackberry.  If you want the true view on your mobile, use the following URL - – and make sure to bookmark it!

Look for substantially bigger mobile news out of AGORACOM later this quarter.


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