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873,000 Investors, 50 Million Page Views On AGORACOM Year To Date

Posted by AGORACOM at 12:02 AM on Friday, November 19th, 2010

Good evening to you all. As most of you know, I like to share AGORACOM traffic data on a regular basis and today is no exception.  I was a little distracted for the quarter ended September 30th and with things getting back to normal around here, it was a good time to report on our traffic.

I’m pleased to report that the number of visitors (873,000) visits (5,820,000) and page views (50,000,000) to AGORACOM remain very strong despite a couple of extraordinary matters this year compared to last year, which I will discuss further below.

Please find enclosed a Google Analytics shot of our traffic year to date (January 1, 2010 – Nov 17, 2010)

The continued strength in our traffic can be attributed to the following reasons.

1. Social Media

We have really turned on our social media efforts in 2010, which have resulted in:


Furthermore, we’ve worked hard at cross-promoting our social media channels AND providing a variety of content on each. If you’re a small-cap company that is simply creating Twitter and Facebook accounts to post press releases, you are simply wasting your time (Beware Of ….  The Rise Of Social Media IR “Experts” a.k.a Pretenders)

Cross-promote and differentiate so that investors have options to consume what is most important to them.  If you can’t do this internally, call me.

2. Cross-Promoting Great Content

We recently introduced a “News Flash” feature that allows us to provide investors in every corner of AGORACOM with breaking/important news as it happens (both small-cap specific or macro-market related). As a result, investors that may be focused on a particular HUB or group of HUBS on AGORACOM no longer feel as if they are missing important news.

Click-through analysis shows these are a big hit with AGORACOM visitors and a good reason to both keep returning to the site and consuming our content.

3. Great Platform

Small-Cap Investors continue to flock to AGORACOM thanks to what we believe is the best small-cap community platform on the web. By providing Wiki and UGC tools to our members, we’ve put significant control into their hands and that has benefited the entire community. From adding/editing/updating content, to self-policing their own HUBS, members have created a small-cap community that is more informative and cleaner than any other small-cap site on the web. It isn’t perfect – but it is as close to perfect as you can get using today’s technology.


On the flip side, we have seen a decrease in page views over the same period last year that can probably be attributed to two items. First, one of our busier HUBS was Freewest Resources which was acquired by Cliff’s Natural Resources in Q4 2009 after a long and bitter battle with Noront Resources, which also happens to be a very busy HUB on AGORACOM.  As such, with Freewest being taken over, we haven’t had the benefit of page views for one of the prominent players within the Ring Of Fire, nor have we had the benefit of the debate between two very busy HUBS.

Second, as a result of our OSC matter, several of our high-profile client HUBS have been put on hold, leading to page view losses there as well.

Nonetheless, 873,000 visitors and 50,000,000 page views is pretty good for a slow year.


Going forward, we’ll be adding further fuel to the fire via the following exciting initiatives:

* Our upcoming mobile push in November, including the launch of our iPhone App and of course our Blackberry partnership

* An expanded content push (Holding our cards close to our chest)

* A greater social media push (Look for Facebook and Twitter integration announcements)

Thanks to our great clients and members for continuing to make AGORACOM the best community platform within the small-cap industry.


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