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Seabridge Gold ($SA – NYSE) ($SEA-TSX) 30-Second Biz TV Ad

Posted by AGORACOM at 12:35 PM on Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

A video is worth ten thousand words, especially when you’re looking for a quality gold company to invest in as gold breaches $945.  We produced the following Seabridge Gold TV ad for BNN in Canada and Bloomberg TV / CNBC TV in the United States (via Dish Network).  It started running about 3 weeks ago

Have a look at the following and let me know what you think – of the company, not me.

Yes, Seabridge Gold is a client but you can’t pay me enough to talk about a company I don’t believe in.  These numbers speak for themselves.


One Response to “Seabridge Gold ($SA – NYSE) ($SEA-TSX) 30-Second Biz TV Ad”

  1. Bills Streak says:

    Awesome company and awesome marketing……this company has more ounces of gold per share than any company I have been able to find….great job…very interesting..