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AGORACOM Reports 17,792 Investors From 77 Countries Participated In Online Gold and Commodities Conference – And Counting

Posted by AGORACOM at 9:31 AM on Friday, December 11th, 2009


AGORACOM Reports 17,792 Investors From 77 Countries Participated In Online Gold and Commodities Conference – And Counting

Investor Participation Smashes Initial Goals and Expectations As Investors From Around The World Embrace Access To Company and Keynote Speaker Presentations From The Comfort Of Their Homes

TORONTO, December 11, 2009 – AGORACOM, a leading online financial community focusing on the small-cap and mid-cap markets, today announced that 17,792 investors from 77 countries participated in the inaugural AGORACOM Online Gold & Commodities Conference, smashing the initial goal of 5,000 investors from 50 countries. The conference, which was open to commodities investors around the world, featured online presentations from 28 public companies, 7 keynote speakers and 2 workshop speakers that included online Q&A sessions.  Our Google Analytics snapshot can be seen below:

AGORACOM Founder, George Tsiolis, stated “I am happy to say that we clearly underestimated the pent-up demand of resource investors from around the world to participate in an online conference, though I am not surprised.  We started out with the belief that borderless, online conferences were the logical next step if the industry was going to reach out to new, bigger audiences and investors have clearly responded. They want great information and convenient access without having to travel, spend money and take valuable time away from their lives. We now have every intention to continue delivering on that demand for years to come.”


AGORACOM released the following key participation metrics for the period December 2 – 7:

Number Of Presentations Viewed Per Exhibiting Company:
Average: 129.5
Median: 71

Number Of Visitors To Each Exhibiting Company HUB
Average:  1063
Median:  293

Number Of Visits To Each Exhibiting Company HUB
Average: 1,389.25
Median:  340.5

Number Of International Visitors Per Exhibiting Company HUB
Average:  5.53
Median:  4.5

Number Of Presentations Viewed Per Speaker:
Average: 736.75
Median: 480.5

Top 20 Participating Countries:

Canada, United States, India, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico, Singapore, Pakistan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, France, Thailand, New Zealand, Spain, Vietnam


“It is simply amazing to see the global distribution of participants in our conference” added Tsiolis. “We were especially pleased to see great feedback coming in directly from the likes of Australia, Germany, Tennessee and the Canadian Rockies, as well as, through other online investor communities such as that picked up on the conference and notified its massive audience. Only an online conference can go viral so broadly, quickly and unexpectedly, which is a significant advantage to traditional conferences.”


AGORACOM expects participation metrics to continue increasing over the next 2 weeks. On December 8th, all company and speaker presentations became available on demand for the benefit of investors that could not participate during the conference or new investors that are just discovering the conference. Investors can visit to view company profiles and all presentations.  In addition, Bart Kitner and the good folks over at have started listing company presentations on their front page news section for the benefit of all resource investors.


AGORACOM wishes to thank the following keynote speakers, representing a who’s who of industry analysts and market commentators, for their valuable and thought provoking presentations on commodities, world markets and the road ahead.  Each of their bios, topics and presentations can be viewed here:

  • Peter Grandich              Chief Commentator,
  • Eric Coffin                    Co-Producer of The Hard Rock Analyst Publications
  • Barry Ritholtz                Author Of The Big Picture, Rated The Web’s #1 Financial Blog
  • Paul Kedrosky               Author Of Infectious Greed, Rated The Web’s #2 Financial Blog
  • Jean-Francois Tardif      2007 Best Canadian Hedge Fund Manager
  • Peter Spina                   Founder,
  • Gregor Macdonald         The Top Ranked Energy Analyst On StockTwits Blog Network

Workshop Presenters:


George Tsiolis, Founder of AGORACOM, stated “Participating companies are truly pioneers for having the vision to see that online conferences remove all barriers to participation and bring together investors from around the world. If they have this kind of vision when it comes to meeting investors, investors should watch their vision of the future of their own companies. From gold to bauxite, grassroots exploration to full production, every investor will find companies of great potential interest to them.”

Watch company presentations

American Lithium Minerals         (AMLM:OTCBB)
Canada Gold                             (CI: TSXV)
Chai Cha Na Mining                  (CNN: CNSX)
Crosshair Explorations                (CXX: TSX)
Donner Metals                           (DON: TSXV)
Exeter Resources                       (XRC:TSX)
Evolving Gold                           (EVG: TSXV)
First Bauxite Corporation            (FBX: TSXV)
Grizzly Diamonds                      (GZD: TSXV)
Goldquest Mining                      (GQC: TSXV)
Hi Ho Silver                              (HHS: CNSX)
Heatherdale Resources               (HTR: TSXV)
Int’l Wayside Mining                  (WYG:TSXV)
Levon Resources                       (LVN: TSXV)
New Dawn Mining                     (ND: TSX)
New Sage Energy                      (NSG: TSXV)
Oremex Resources                     (ORM: TSXV)
Q-Gold Resources                     (QAU: TSXV)
Rock Tech Resources                (RCK: TSXV)
Riverstone Resources                 (RVS: TSXV)
Sage Gold                                 (SGX: TSXV)
Serengeti Resources                   (SIR: TSXV)
Strongbow Exploration               (SBW: TSXV)
Shoreham Resources                  (SMH: TSXV)
Timmins Gold                           (TMM: TSXV)
Threegold Resources                  (THG: TSXV)
Uracan Resources                      (URC: TSXV)
Victoria Gold                             (VIT: TSXV)


As a result of the success of this inaugural conference, AGORACOM will be hosting a full line-up of online conferences in 2010.  Specific dates will be announced shortly but they are anticipated to take place in March, June, September and December.  Companies wishing to participate in our 2010 line up should contact us at [email protected] .

This press release was distributed by our good friends at MarketWire, the official news wire of and the AGORACOM Online Gold & Commodities Conference.

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