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Evolving Gold (EVG:TSXV) Hits 158 Meters at 2.64 gpt Gold; Goes “Beyond The Press Release” In Interview With AGORACOM

Posted by AGORACOM at 11:08 PM on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Good evening to you all.  Earlier today, AGORACOM Client Evolving Gold Corp released the final 23 holes at its Rattlesnake Hills project and released some spectacular intercepts such as 158 meters at 2.64 gpt Au, which includes 16.8 meters at 10.31 gpt Au.

As always, assume I am horribly conflicted by the fact that Evolving Gold is a client of AGORACOM and do your own due diligence.  To help you get started, I’ve included a link to the press release below.  More importantly, I’ve also included a link to a 9-minute interview with EVG President and Chief Geologist, Quinton Hennigh, in which he discusses the importance of these results in layman’s terms.  If you are interested in Evolving Gold, this is a very worthy use of 9-minutes of your time.

Evolving Gold Releases Final 23 Holes at Rattlesnake Hills

  • 158 meters at 2.64 gpt Au, includes 16.8 meters at 10.31 gpt Au
  • 82 meters at 3.00 gpt Au, includes 6.1 meters at 16.97 gpt Au
  • 120 meters at 1.64 gpt Au, includes 12.2 meters at 8.25 gpt Au
  • 201 meters at 1.08 gpt Au

Quinton Hennigh, president and chief geologist goes “Beyond the Press Release” to discuss today’s results.

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Evolving Gold Corp. is a client of AGORACOM

Congratulations to Robert, Quinton and the entire team on these great results.


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