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AGORACOM Launches Skype Interviews With Smash Success

Posted by AGORACOM at 8:44 AM on Friday, April 1st, 2011

We are pleased to announce the official launch of AGORACOM Via Satellitean AGORACOM production in which we interview small-cap CEO’s in depth after the release of important news.  AGORACOM Via Satellite is valuable because it is news driven and, therefore, very relevant and timely to the investment community.  This is not the typical “tell everybody a little about you so that we can fall asleep” format.  We’ve all seen this format and safe to say we’ve had enough of them.

This is hard hitting and granular.  We’re changing the game again  …. as always, don’t take my word for it.  See below:


On March 22nd, Golden Hope Mines issued this Corporate Update Press Release.  On March 23rd, we conducted an interview with GNH President, Frank Candido, from their exploration offices in South Eastern Quebec. Later that day we released this Skype interview (see snapshot at the end).  Golden Hope Mines is neither a current nor past client of AGORACOM. As such, we have never had any kind of official relationship with GNH shareholders.  They simply have a Free HUB on AGORACOM.

In less than 1 week, the results were as follows:

1.  Views: 1,070 … and counting

2.  Retail Investor Reaction: In a word – overwhelming. View this link to see just some of the posts.  The best reactions came from these two posts.


  • Great interview, George and thanks for doing that. Frank, clearly is a man with a vision and passionately believes in it. This transmits very well to the shareholders, when you see him talking live.
  • I am a GNH shareholder, but after viewing this interview and watching & listening to the man in charge, I want more shares. Plain and simple.
  • Wonderful,classy interview with Frank,George. Not being able to see the GNH property, or to chat with Frank, as so many have had the pleasure of doing on this hub, well it really was a great opportunity to see why everyone comes away with such a positive feeling about GNH. Kudos to George and AGORACOM for doing this. I’ll be buying more.
  • I think George’s interview today with Frank was fantastic. Frank’s enthusiasm and confidence have always been apparent, but I learned so much more today. I’m delighted that the team will be bringing on board an outside engineering firm to confirm results to date etc.
  • Maybe we could ask George to have another such meeting with Frank following the next press release! Even better…a monthly chit chat with Frank! 🙂
  • I was so impressed I bought more shares today, and it’s a good feeling.

3.  Institutional Investor Reaction: Within 18 hours of it’s release, Golden Hope advised:

  • “Brokerage 1, Broker 2 and Broker 3 have watched it already” [Sorry but can’t publicly release the names of the firms]
  • “I would suspect there are more than a few (brokers) that are watching it. It is a phenomenal update piece.”


This case study demonstrates very strongly that AGORACOM Via Satellite will become the new paradigm with respect to small-cap CEO interviews. It will do so for the following reasons.

  • Timeliness – It provides small-cap companies with an ability to speak about important news within minutes of its release.
  • Relevance – Investors are hyper-tuned in to hear about and better understand the relevance of your recent news.
  • Connection – Investors that rarely get a chance to speak with management now have an ability to watch, connect and feed off management confidence.
  • Format The side-by-side “Satellite” format has only been available to large cap companies on large business networks.  Not anymore.

How much does it cost?  Nothing, nada, zilch, zero, no strings attached, no conditions, no contracts, no fine print … its free.  Why?  As much as this helps you, it also helps us generate amazing content for our site.  The only limitations are A) The underlying news has to be awesome B) A max of 2 per year per company to give everyone a fair shake.

Win-win.  Welcome to AGORACOM.

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