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Energizer Resources Provides Progress Report on NI 43-101 Molo Deposit Delineation

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 9:46 AM on Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

TORONTO, ONTARIO–( Sept. 19, 2012) – Energizer Resources Inc. (TSX:EGZ)(OTCBB:ENZR)(FRANKFURT:YE5) (“Energizer” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce it has received additional assays from its National Instrument (NI) 43-101 graphite resource drill program on the Molo deposit. The results continue to outline the targeted deposit size and boundaries, as well as the grade of the Molo deposit.

The Molo deposit is located in the Green Giant Graphite project, and is part of the joint venture (JV) property with Malagasy Minerals Limited in Madagascar. Energizer has a 75% ownership interest and is the operator of the project.

Drill and Trench Intersections Support Large Footprint of Molo

The Company has received assay results from an additional 9 diamond drill holes and 1 trench. Energizer has now received a combined total of 24 (of 47) drill holes, and 10 (of 19) trenches completed over the Molo deposit. This dataset continues to confirm that the Molo deposit has a very large footprint.

The company has focused its resource delineation program on the Molo deposit. The deposit’s description and shape consists of a 2 km strike length with a south plunging antiformal fold. In the north, the graphite mineralization is between 50-100 metres in width. The deposit then flares to over 500 metres in width as you move south, after which the graphite deposit width tapers to approximately 250-350 metres before splitting into two ‘arms’. The widths of these arms range in size between 50 and 100 metre widths respectively. The deposit is open at depth, and along strike.

Drill and trench data received to date, as well as mapping, prospecting and geophysical surveying, confirms graphite mineralization at surface, and over an area of at least 250,000 m2. The depth of mineralization that has been confirmed by drilling is in excess of 300 metres. With these results, the Company continues to move forward outlining a potential deposit size of 80-120 million tonnes. As well, the assays have outlined a grade average of between 5 and 8% carbon. The Company has now reported just over 50% of its drill holes, and will continue to report assay results as it receives them from the lab.

Cautionary Statement – The potential quantity and grade of the Molo deposit is conceptual in nature and there has been insufficient assay data received at this time to properly define a mineral resource in accordance with NI 43-101 requirements. Although the Company sees no reason why a compliant mineral resource could not be defined, there is no guarantee that further exploration will result in the Molo being defined as a mineral resource. The potential quantity and grade of the Molo is being determined through the progression of exploration and the assays received. To date, the company’s exploration activities include airborne geophysical surveys, ground geophysics, mapping, drilling and trenching. The deposit target range is based on drilling and trenching results obtained to date.

Mine Site Design and Logistical Planning Underway

The recently completed drill program will provide the necessary data to complete a National Instrument (NI) 43-101 graphite resource, which will be part of the Preliminary Economic Assessment Report (PEA) due in Q4 of this year.

DRA Mineral Projects, Africa’s largest mine engineering, construction and operations firm, is authoring the PEA study, which will include a mine site layout. This layout will include a model flowchart for the graphite in three separate phases: phase 1) graphite production through simple crushing, phase 2) graphite through flotation, and phase 3) graphite purification targeting the electric vehicle (EV) battery market and electric power storage markets. It should be noted that the Molo deposit has a unique feature in that that Jumbo flake (i.e. +50 mesh) graphite at an average purity of 93% C can be easily liberated through simple crushing of the Molo deposit graphite.

As part of the PEA study, DRA has authored a preliminary mine design with a capacity of 150,000 tonnes per year graphite production. The mine will be constructed in 50,000 tonne modules. This will allow for the production at the Molo deposit to be scalable and which can be ‘ramped’ up when the project off-take demands manifest themselves in the marketplace.

Logistics and product management is a key component in a mine operation, and to this end, Energizer has engaged the Panalpina Group, one of the world’s leading intercontinental air and ocean freight supply chain and logistics companies to design and manage this phase of the operation. Panalpina has stated that existing infrastructure in southern Madagascar will allow for immediate production at the Molo. Working closely with DRA, Panalpina is currently outlining a logistical solution for Energizer that will enable graphite produced at the Molo to be transported in a cost effective manner from ‘pit to port to customer’.

Assay Results

The drill hole and trenches were designed to delineate the extent of the Molo deposit. The latest assay results received are from the southern and northern sections of the deposit respectively. Specifically, drill holes MOLO-12-10 through MOLO-12-15 were emplaced on the southern edge of the deposit where the Molo bifurcates into 2 arms. Drill holes MOLO-12-17, 18 and 20 were emplaced to test the width of the mineralization in the ‘arm’ that extends north of the Molo ‘central’. Trench MOLO-TH-12-09 was emplaced on the southern end of the Molo, where the deposit splits into 2 arms.

The table below summarizes the drill and trench intersections. An assay table summarizing all results is also provided on the Company’s website.

Drill Hole From (m) To (m) Length (m) C%
MOLO-12-10 71 278 207 6.55
MOLO-12-11 0.64 97.45 96.81 6.90
MOLO-12-11 129.3 221 91.7 5.68
MOLO-12-12 0.5 24.5 24 5.18
MOLO-12-12 80 137 57 6.56
MOLO-12-13 0.77 69.5 68.73 6.30
MOLO-12-14 35.09 128 92.91 5.44
MOLO-12-14 166 250 84 5.43
MOLO-12-15 0.87 159 158.13 5.10
MOLO-12-17 96 170 74 6.49
MOLO-12-18 7.5 118.5 111 6.39
MOLO-12-20 58.2 188.5 130.3 7.08
Trench From (m) To (m) Length (m) C%
MOLO-TH-12-09 22 130 108 6.02
MOLO-TH-12-09 166 220 54 8.79

Additional Graphite Available for Targeting Beyond the Molo Deposit

The Company realizes that off-take will be the key driver for the development and size of the Green Giant project. It continues to analyze the off-take opportunities for Electric Vehicles, fuel cells, battery storage, and pebble bed nuclear reactors. The Green Giant project offers a significant incremental exploration opportunity if the off-take demand for the above graphite usage manifests itself.

Immediately to the east, and attached to the Molo deposit is a graphite-bearing synformal fold of similar dimensions to the Molo deposit (which is an antiformal fold). This eastern synformal fold (“Molo East”) will not be part of the Company’s upcoming NI 43-101 resource statement as it was not drill tested. Through the use of both ground and airborne geophysics, geologic mapping and prospecting however, the Company believes that additional graphite mineralization would be easily obtainable at Molo East.

A satellite image of the Molo East target in relation to the Molo deposit footprint, as well as a block model of assay data received to date can be viewed on the Company’s website at

To view the images associated with this release, please visit the following link:

Energizer Appoints New President, & Chief Operating Officer and a New Chief Financial Officer

Energizer Resources is very pleased to announce the appointment of Craig Scherba, PGeo. to the role of President and Chief Operating Officer and Peter Liabotis, CA to the role of Chief Financial Officer.

In making these appointments, Kirk McKinnon, Chairman and CEO of Energizer stated, “Craig Scherba has progressively demonstrated his skillset and ability to manage the operational activities of Energizer as it moves from the exploration stage to mine development stage. Craig has steadily progressed from Vice President Exploration, to Senior Vice President of Exploration and Operations for Madagascar. The company wishes to recognize Craig’s exploration efforts in the discovery of the Molo project and its development. His intimate knowledge of the Green Giant project and his developed relationships within Madagascar, especially at the highest government levels, will provide an essential understanding as he leads the development of the Green Giant Project in Madagascar”.

“Peter Liabotis has been with the company for 3 years. During this time Peter has continuously demonstrated a strong understanding of the finance and operational side of the business. Peter’s responsibilities within the company have steadily increased and will continue to do so as we develop our Madagascar graphite project and operations.”

Richard Schler commented, “Given the magnitude of the opportunity the Molo graphite project presents us, I have stepped down from my role as VP & CFO and I will be focusing my attention primarily on the Molo mine development. I personally believe that the move towards green energy will drive electric vehicle and battery storage demand and that the tipping point is just around the corner. I will continue to sit on the Board of Directors and act in the capacity of Executive Vice-President, Operations. I am pleased that Mr Scherba and Mr Liabotis have accepted their respective roles and am confident that they will serve the shareholders well. The Molo graphite project is very promising and I believe it will provide significant shareholder value as it moves forward into production”.

Qualified Person

Craig Scherba, P.Geo., is the qualified person for the technical information provided in this release.

For more information, please visit our website at

We seek Safe Harbour: This press release may contain forward-looking statements that may involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Actual events or results could differ materially from expectations and projections set out herein.

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