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Uragold Subsidiary, Quebec Quartz, Signs MOU with Dorfner Anzaplan to Evaluate Potential of its High Purity Quartz Deposit

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 9:49 AM on Monday, April 13th, 2015

Montreal, Quebec / April 13 2015 – Uragold Bay Resources Inc. (“Uragold”) (TSX Venture: UBR) is pleased to announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between its 100% owned subsidiary Quebec Quartz and Dorfner Anzaplan (Anzaplan) of Hirschau, Germany regarding the development of property specific beneficiation processes for the production of ultra high purity quartz sands (99.99+% SiO2).

This milestone is in accordance with our go forward plan for Q1/Q2 2015 and was predicated by our press release on March 2, 2015 in which we announced “Major Producer Confirms Interest in Purchasing Significant Tonnage of High Purity Quartz From Uragold Quartz Property in Quebec”.

Patrick Levasseur, President and COO of Uragold stated, “ANZAPLAN will allow us to become a vertically integrated supplier of ultra high purity quartz sands. Along with our recent announcement about interest from a major producer in purchasing significant tonnage of our high purity quartz, our collaboration with Anzaplan represents another major milestone in our quartz strategy. We are now even more focused on determining the full potential of our industry leading quartz portfolio.”


The leading consultancy and engineering company in high purity quartz project valuation, ANZAPLAN has a wide range of international clients in the mining, engineering, and production industries. The company’s’ renowned international reputation in the glass and ceramics industry has steadily extended into the high purity market sectors.

ANZAPLAN offers complete process development for high purity quartz, from the first characterisation of high purity quartz, through application tests up to market introduction. Besides laboratory scale equipment, ANZAPLAN provides a local test plant for the production of high purity quartz samples, which allows production of up to 1,000 kg sample quantities. At ANZAPLAN’s test plant, technical samples are produced for customer tests as well as for end-user approval.


Ultra High purity quartz sand has become one of today’s key strategic minerals with applications in pharmaceutical and high-tech industries, semiconductors, telecommunication, optics, microelectronics, and solar applications.

The price of ultra high purity quartz can range from $US 2,000 – $US 10,000 per ton (, due to the importance of this mineral to almost every industry in the world. The size of the worldwide market specifically for the 99.99% plus purity material is estimated at 70,000 TPA.


Beneficiation of Quebec Quartz high purity quartz into refined Ultra High Purity products involves several steps, which need to be adapted to minimize the specific impurities of the individual raw quartz feed for end-use applications. As a result, Ultra High Purity Quartz with impurity levels less than 20 ppm (99.99+% SiO2) may be achieved, creating a valuable raw material that commands up to C$7,000/ton.


Quebec Quartz will furnish ANZAPLAN with 150 kg of sample material in the form of quartz lumps, in the following size: 120 kg in 40 – 150 mm, and 30 kg in 150-300 mm, from material to be extracted during our Spring 2015 sample program on the Roncevaux Quartz property

ANZAPLAN will complete quartz processing and beneficiation tests and elaborate on the potential for high value applications, including Ultra High Purity Quartz Sands.

About Quebec Quartz

Quebec Quartz, a 100 % wholly owned subsidiary of Uragold, is the largest holder of distinct High Purity Quartz properties in Quebec. Despite the abundance of quartz, very few deposits are suitable for high purity applications.

Our goal is to transform our High Purity Quartz into Ultra High Purity Quartz Sands to generate significantly greater profits and become a leading supplier of Ultra High Purity Quartz.

Quartz from our Roncevaux property successfully passed the rigorous testing protocol of a major silicon metal producer confirming that our material is highly suited for their silicon metal production plant.

About Uragold Bay Resources Inc.

Uragold Bay Resources is a TSX-V listed Gold and High Purity Quartz exploration junior focused on generating free cash flow from mining operations. Our business model is centered on developing mining projects suited for smaller-scale start-up and that could potentially generate high yield returns. Uragold will reach these goals by developing Quebec’s first paleoplacer mine in 50 years, the Beauce Placer Project and, in partnership with Golden Hope Mines, the Bellechasse-Timmins Gold Deposit.

Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

For further information contact

Bernard J. Tourillon, Chairman and CEO
Patrick Levasseur, President and COO

Tel: (514) 846-3271

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