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Liberty Star Announces Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders and Outlines Management Presentation at Meeting

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 9:58 AM on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp. (“Liberty Star” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: LBSR) will hold a combined Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders (the “Meeting”) on Wednesday, July 15, 2015 at San Miguel Club House, 5565 N. Binghampton, Tucson, AZ 85712 for the following purposes:

  1. To ratify the appointment of our independent registered public accounting firm
  2. To elect James Briscoe, Gary Musil, John Guilbert, Keith Brill, Peter O’Heeron and Brett Gross as directors
  3. To approve an amendment to our articles of incorporation to increase the number of authorized shares of our common stock from 1,250,000,000 to 6,250,000,000
  4. To hold a non-binding advisory vote on the compensation of our named executive officer as disclosed in the proxy statement
  5. To hold a non-binding advisory vote on whether a non-binding advisory vote on the compensation of our named executive officers should be held every one, two or three years
  6. To transact such other business, if any, as may properly come before the Meeting

Doors will open at 1:00 PM (PDT) for a meet & greet. Brief management presentations and the formal Meeting will commence at 1:30 PM, followed by a question & answer session.

Liberty Star cordially invites you to attend this event. If you plan to attend, or have a question for the question & answer session, please respond by Friday, July 10:

Call 520-425-1433
mailto:[email protected]

For additional information visit the Annual/Special Meeting FYE 1.31.2015 page on our website.

During the last quarter, a variety of positive events have occurred. CEO/Chief Geologist will discuss recent events at the Meeting in a short presentation, including the following:


Increasing accuracy of the analysis of our ZTEM is going forward. It appears there may be a horizontal shallow zone that could contain copper oxides that would be leachable. We will work on a more shallow drill program during this very difficult fund raising period. Later, we will extend the depth of holes to test the sulfide zone indicated by the ZTEM geophysics.


On June 19th Geotech delivered three dimensional (3D) plots of the magnetics and electromagnetics (EM) with our geochem data superimposed on the geophysics so that the relationship is even more clearly depicted than it was in the 2D treatment. This 3D treatment is very computer intensive and was not easily possible until recently. These data are posted in our web page in the Hay Mountain Image Gallery: take a look.


Also sent to our website is a report about the Balboa discovery (Cobre, Panama) presented at the PDAC in 2014, and just released after the recent Geological Society of Nevada meeting, this Spring. The Balboa discovery is a recent blind discovery in Panama and now is part a cluster of six porphyry copper deposits previously discovered in close proximity to one another by more traditional exploration techniques. Balboa was discovered completely by use of the ZTEM geophysical method. This is very similar to what we believe we have at Hay Mountain – a cluster of porphyry copper deposits indicated by ZTEM and corroborated by geochemical analysis of clippings of twigs of desert vegetation collected over several square miles. This is called biogeochemistry or veggie geochemistry, and has been verified by Liberty Star and predecessors over the last 20 years and by other geochemists.


We and every other exploration company have had a very tough time in the financial climate over the last several years; this includes raising sufficient capital to execute our very carefully planned exploration program at Hay Mountain which we believe will result in a world class cluster of porphyry copper deposit, similar to Balboa and others.


We have been in discussions with a funder that suggests we should invest in near surface, high grade, quickly minable projects that will begin to generate production cash quickly. We find this strategy very compelling and we are in discussions with this funder to assist us in this strategy. We will continue to work methodically with low expenditure of funds to advance Hay Mountain. When base and precious metal projects of large scale can attract funding we will use these funds to bring the large Hay Mountain Project forward.


In the last three weeks we have taken a look at about 10 targets that would fit the above suggested approach.


We have chosen two projects that we think are promising:


One that we have extensive data on is for high grade silver and gold near surface mineralization right here in Arizona, that with recently available mining equipment and exploration technology we can move forward relatively quickly and believe we can be mining within a year or less.


The second site in Utah is for near surface, high grade uranium mineralization which has been compiled and become available during the most recent downturn in the uranium price. Again this would be from high grade, near surface bodies that could be mined at low cost, with the same mining and technological equipment, mentioned in i. above.


Mining Engineer-Lawyer, Liberty Star Director Brett Gross has been participating with me and will continue to participate in the above and future activities of project and corporate development.


“James A. Briscoe” James A. Briscoe, Professional Geologist, AZ CA
CEO/Chief Geologist
Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp.

Forward-Looking Statements

Statements in this news release that are not historical are forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements in this news release include all our planned drilling programs; our belief that the exploration program at Hay Mountain will result in a world class cluster of porphyry copper deposits, similar to Balboa and others; our funding strategy; our belief that we can be mining within a year or less for a promising project; and the statement that Brett Gross will continue to participate in future activities of project and corporate development. Factors which may delay or prevent these forward-looking statements from being realized include: we may not attract any partners or funding sources; we may not be able to raise sufficient funds to complete our intended exploration, keep our properties or carry on operations; mineral prices may not rebound in time for us to keep our properties; and we may encounter an inability to continue exploration due to weather, logistical problems, labor or equipment problems or hazards even if funds are available. Even if we find a partner, we may not be able to reach agreement or carry out the development program as contemplated. Despite encouraging data there may be no commercially exploitable mineralization on our properties. Readers should refer to the risk disclosures in the Company’s recent 10-K and the Company’s other periodic reports filed from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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