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US Department of State’s Special Representative for Global Partnerships to Discuss Collaborative Innovation for Peace Making at 10th Annual World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship at United Nations $ #TheWSIE #WSIEPartners

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NEW YORK, May 17, 2016 – UNITED NATIONS — One of Wednesday, May 18th’s sessions of The 10th Annual World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship (WSIE 2016) at the United Nations’ General Assembly hall in New York City will feature a discussion about “Innovating for Peace”.

The 20-minute unscripted Innovation for Peace conversation will take place on Wednesday at 12:35 PM EDT by U.S. Department of State Special Representative for Global Partnerships, Andrew O’Brien.

Andrew O’Brien
Special Representative for Global Partnerships

Titled “Can We Innovate for Peace?” the discussion will center around the following theme:

Diplomacy is often thought of as a stodgy process – but like all else in this new hyper-connected world, diplomacy must aggressively embrace the innovative use of new technologies, ideas, sustainable designs, citizen-centric solutions and open innovations to enhance how policy leaders think, learn, work and partner to craft good policy outcomes – and avoid bad ones – like wars.

Open models for partnerships in this frenetically fast moving world will foster wider understanding and clearer perceptions of the other side’s interests, needs, fears and requirements — hence, better diplomatic outcomes.

WSIE 2016 is hosted in partnership with the UN Conference on Trade & Development, along with the support of the Secretary of State’s Office of Science & Technology at the Department of State.

In celebration of its 10th anniversary on May 18 – 19th, WSIE will feature panel discussions and presentations profiling the challenges and opportunities faced in seven topic areas by entrepreneurs and enterprises around the world:

(1) Design

(2) Sharing economy

(3) Energy

(4) Industrial Internet

(5) Digital life

(6) Commerce

(7) Health

10th Annual World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship: New Frontiers

More than 100 presenters — designers, chief executives, innovators, entrepreneurs — will contribute to conversations about new ideas, products, experiences and transformations.

The two-day summit, themed “Celebrating the Crazy Ones: New Frontiers,” offers a bold and provocative exploration of what the future of business, marketspaces, digital trends, products, minds, machines, experiences, and transdisciplinary innovations might look like by 2020.

At WSIE 2016’s “New Frontiers,” 350 attendees — including some of the world’s eminent dreamers and doers — will plot the frontier of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Seating is limited so to ensure proper access to the United Nations Secretariat building, please confirm your attendance at

All guests must be confirmed on the WSIE 2016 webpage in order to receive an access badge to UN Headquarters.

If not currently UN accredited please apply for clearance via the link below:

WSIE 2016 is presented by Omagine, Inc. (OMAG) and held in collaboration with some of the world’s most innovative companies, including: Gensler, Henry Schein, Libra Group, Mastercard, HCL Technologies, Vancive, Avery Dennison and Direct Energy.

For more information about the Summit, visit or contact Michele Wallace at [email protected], 917-741-5147.

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