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VIDEO: Cannabix Technologies Marijuana Breathalyzer Is Already In Demand, Says Former RCMP Officer $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:01 PM on Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

If you’re looking to invest in the small cap medical marijuana space, then Cannabix Technologies has to be high on your research list.  Why?  Anticipated legalization across the USA and Canada is obviously going to lead to higher use … which is going to automatically increase the need for monitoring right through the roof.

Specifically, police departments and the courts are going to need a way to both detect and convict impaired drivers.  The same goes for hazardous and dangerous jobs that require employees and heavy equipment operators to be anything but impaired.  Unfortunately, traditional saliva and urine tests simply can’t cut it.  The world will need a detection device that is fast, accurate and can hold up in a court of law.

Cannabix Technologies is in the process of bringing its marijuana breathalyzer to market.  With the underlying technology under license from the University of Florida and with the device in development as we speak, demand has already inundated Cannabix according to its President, Kal Malhi. The Company is in the final stages of completing its “Beta 2.0” device and expects to have a pilot test ready device for scientific trials for later this fall. The trial testing would be conducted to prove the accuracy and sensitivity of the Cannabix Breathalyzer, and the results would be used to apply for a court accepted device certification by the Minister of Justice in Canada and the National Highway and Traffic Safety Authority in the U.S.

Rule #1 when investing in small caps is make sure the company is run by smart people.  Kal Malhi is a former RCMP officer, where he completed his duties in the drug enforcement and organized crime divisions. He’s not only smart, he’s also been in the fight. Add on the fact he is the President of BullRun Capital and you have the prototype of Small Cap 2.0, the next generation of Canadian small cap companies that will be built for the long term, not to flip 5 cent paper.  Kal is the real deal.

BullRun has raising capital for various projects totaling in excess of $100 million dollars since 2008. Kal has specialized in working with academia, advances in technology and funded academic research that has potential for commercialization thru private and public companies.

Cannabix Technologies has the strong potential of creating both great shareholder value and societal benefits for years to come. I personally consider their product critically needed technology to keep our roads and families safe given the marijuana legislative easing that is taking place around North America.

Watch the interview and do your DD. As I’ve said before, we are officially in Weed 2.0 where you can bet on the long term development of real marijuana companies for decades to come. Just as Web 2.0 dwarfed the original dot-com bubble, Weed 2.0 is going to dwarf the original marijuana bubble. Do your research and make your investments.

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