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FEATURE: Nevada Energy Metals (TSXV:BFF) Growing Exploration Portfolio in Nevada’s Lithium Hub $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 10:45 AM on Wednesday, October 12th, 2016


Growing Exploration Portfolio in Nevada’s Lithium Hub


Nevada Energy Metals (TSXV:BFF) (OTQB:SSLMF) (Frankfurt:A2AFBV) is an exploration company focused on the acquisition and exploration of lithium brine projects in the world-class mining jurisdiction of Nevada. To date, a number of highly attractive prospects have been investigated and approved for immediate acquisition. An advisory board has been formed to better assist in the selection, management and development of these lithium projects.

The Company has recently completed:

(1) a 100% option-out agreement, 3% net-smelter royalty of the Dixie Valley Project (348 of 910 total claims covering 7,363 hectares/28.4 square miles) to LiCo Energy Metals (LIC.TSXV), covering the majority of the Humboldt Salt Marsh playa in Churchill County, Nevada;

(2) acquisition of 100% of the Big Smokey Valley Project (160 placer claims covering 3,200 acres/1,295 hectares) located in Nye County, Nevada;

(3) acquisition of 100% ownership in the Black Rock Desert Project (128 claims covering 2,560 acres/1,036 hectares) located in southwest Black Rock Desert, Washoe County, Nevada;

(4) a 70/30 farm-out option JV to American Lithium Corp (LI.TSXV) on 77 claims in Clayton Valley, approximately 250m from the Rockwood Lithium mine, the only brine based lithium producer in North America;

(5) acquisition of 100% in the Teels Marsh West project (100 claims covering 2000 acres/809 hectares) in Mineral County, Nevada;

(6) acquisition of 100% ownership in the San Emidio Project (155 claims, 3,100 acres/1,255 hectares) near Empire, Washoe County, Nevada;

(7) the acquisition of the Alkali lake Project, 60% Option from Dajin Resources Corp. (191 claims covering 3,820 acres/1,558 hectares) in the Esmeralda County, Nevada.

Press Release Highlights

  • Announced significant lithium results from initial surface exploration at Black Rock Desert
  • Tim Fernback has joined the company as the CFO
  • Randy Avon has joined the advisory board for the company
  • Paid full annual Bureau of Land Management (BLM) fees for all seven projects
  • Agreed to Joint Venture on the Clayton Valley BFF-1 Lithium Project with American Lithium (LI.TSXV)
  • Agreed to an Option Agreement with LiCo Energy Metals (LIC.TSXV) at the Dixie Valley Project.
  • Completed upgrade to the OTCQB® Venture Market
  • Expanded the San Emidio Project and will being a lithium exploration survey, with results available in Fall 2016

Investment Highlights

  • Fully-funded with a strong balance sheet
  • Successful project generator model provides cash flow for ongoing expenses
  • Nevada ranks 3rd in the world for mining and 1st in the United States
  • Formed an advisory board for ongoing aggressive acquisition policy of new lithium targets in Nevada

Key Properties in Nevada’s Lithium Hub

Investment bank Goldman Sachs recently called lithium “the new gasoline,” and the silver alkali metal is one of the few commodities on an uptrend in the face of a long economic downturn. Lithium prices grew by 20 percent in 2014 and posted another 22 percent in gains for 2015.

Nevada Energy Metals’ mission is to build shareholder value through the aggressive acquisition of lithium exploration projects in Nevada’s Lithium Hub which includes Clayton Valley. In this same region, Tesla is building a $5 billion lithium-ion battery gigafactory and Faraday Future recently struck a deal to build a $1 billion electric car plant.

Nevada Energy Metals’ corporate objective is to own 100% of all newly acquired projects with little to no cash, share or royalty considerations or exploration commitments payable to third parties. Their mandate is to be the prime Nevada project generator negotiating joint venture partnerships to make all future exploration expenditures while maintaining the ability to “cherry pick” several projects to develop 100% in house.

Dixie Valley Project

  • The Dixie Valley Project has optioned-out 348 claims with a 100% interest, 3% Net Smelter Retention Royalty to LiCo Energy Metals (LIC.TSXV). Nevada Energy Metals has received cash payments of $200,000. Nevada Energy Metals has also received 2 million shares of Wildcat Exploration with a potential for another 4 million shares over the next 2 years.
  • The six Dixie Valley claim blocks cover the majority of the Humboldt Salt Marsh playa located in Dixie Valley, Churchill County, Nevada about 160 km east northeast of Reno. There are 910 placer claims in total, covering about 7,363 hectares (28.4 square miles) of playa and alluvial fan.
  • The entire basin is about 98 km long and up to 16 km wide. Humboldt Salt Marsh, the central playa is about 10 km northeast – southwest and 6 km east – west.
  • Dixie Valley is home to a large and long-lived geothermal system that is still active. The Caithness Dixie Valley geothermal plant, about 18 km northeast of the center of the playa, is currently producing about 66 megawatts of power.
  • Hot Springs and other active geothermal features extend about 30 km roughly north – south along the range front fault. The heat source appears to be very deep circulation into the crust
  • Of seven characteristics of Lithium Brine deposits outlined in the USGS deposit model, all seven are found in Dixie Valley; however very little exploration work has been directed at lithium in this area. The lithium target model for Dixie Valley is a Clayton Valley style playa brine type deposit.

In the area of the Humboldt Salt Marsh Playa, the valley appears to be about 2,000 meters deep.

Black Rock Desert Project

  • The Black Rock Desert Project consists of 128 placer claims (2,560 acres/ 1,036 hectares) located in southwest Black Rock Desert, Washoe County, Nevada.
  • On Aug 31st 2016 Nevada Energy Metals Announced that encouraging results have been received. Of the 170 sample points analyzed 150 reported Lithium values greater than or equal to 100 ppm with the highest value being 146 ppm Lithium (the median value being 116 ppm); 20 samples points were in the 53 ppm to 99 ppm range.
  • As a result of encouraging lithium values at the Black Rock Desert, the company has dispatched a crew to expand its land position by staking additional claims.
  • The western arm of the Black Rock Desert covers an area of about 2,000 square kilometers and contains 5 of the 30 currently listed Known Geothermal Resource Areas
  • The property is underlain by a moderately deep basin interpreted from gravity and seismic surveys indicating a maximum thickness of valley-fill deposits of about 1,200 m/ 3,600 ft.
  • A high salt content prevents any significant vegetation from growing on the playa surface.
  • Nevada Energy Metals has acquired a 100% interest in the property, free of royalty payments.

BSV Lithium Project

  • The BSV Lithium Project consists of 160 placer claims, with an area of 3,200 acres/1,295 hectares, located in northern Big Smokey Valley, Nye County, Nevada, 12 miles east of the town of Austin and extends approximately 100 miles in a southwesterly direction to reach a southern terminus near Clayton Valley.The northern section, where the claims area is located contains three geothermal resources; the Darrough, the McLeod and the Spencer hot springs.
  • Gravity survey results indicate the depth of valley fill calculated to be approximately 5,100 feet and that there is subsurface closure of the valley as short distance to the south of the claim block.
  • Gravity data also indicates the presence of subsurface structural features associated with three of the known high temperature geothermal systems in the area and the basin is fed by geothermal brines that are meteoric waters heated by relatively deep circulation in the earth’s crust.
  • Initial surface sampling has been completed. On August 31, 2016, lithium results were equal to the historical sampling results provided by the J.R. Davis, USGS.The Company analyzed 150 reported Lithium values greater than or equal to 100 ppm with the highest value being 146 ppm (the median value being 116 ppm)
  • Nevada Energy Metals has acquired a 100% interest in the property, free of royalty payments.

Alkali Lake Project

  • Located 12 km (7.5 miles) northeast of Clayton Valley
  • Lithium assay results from sediment sampling carried out on the Alkali Lake property confirmed the presence of near-surface lithium at grades ranging from 73 ppm to 382 ppm.
  • Gravity surveys indicate the presence of two deep-seated basins on the Property. The first is a circular basin, roughly 1,200 meters (4,000 feet) below surface. The second estimated to be 3 km (1.9 miles) to the east at a depth of about 1,000 to 1,200 meters (3,000 to 4,000 feet).
  • Like Clayton Valley, Alkali Lake is a textbook fault-bounded, enclosed basin. Interestingly, in the southern part of the Alkali Lake basin is Alkali Hot Springs, an active geothermal system. Hot circulating fluids from geothermal resources dissolve rocks, freeing lithium and other minerals and carrying them up towards surface.
  • Based upon due diligence conducted to date, Nevada Energy Metals is pleased to be pursuing an opportunity to earn a 60% interest in the property from Dajin resources Corp.

Teels Marsh West Project

  • Consists of 100 claims covering 2000 acres (809 hectares), located on the western part of a large evaporation pond, or playa (also known as a salar) approximately 48 miles northwest of Clayton Valley.
  • Highly prospective for Lithium brines.A USGS geochemical survey conducted in 1976 reported lithium values as high as 850 ppm from samples taken from springs marginal to these fault structures.
  • Direct evidence of an active geothermal system in the Teels Marsh area has recently been gathered by researchers at the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, University of Nevada, Reno and the Desert Research Institute.
  • Two geothermal temperature anomalies have a combined strike length parallel to the fault of almost 4 km.
  • The company’s management and technical team are currently looking forward to a late 2016/early 2017 exploration program.
  • Nevada Energy Metals has acquired a 100% interest in the property, free of royalty payments.

San Emidio Li Project

  • The San Emidio Li Project consists of 155 placer claims (approximately 3100 acres) in the San Emidio Desert, Washoe County, Nevada, 95 km northeast of Reno the home of Tesla Corporation’s new lithium-ion battery Gigafactory.
  • The San Emidio Desert basin is an alkali playa environment underlain by unconsolidated sediments and clays being fed by lithium bearing geothermal fluids (US. Geothermal analyses) reported in bounding faults, and/or faults along the east side of the basin. Since mid-Tertiary, the rocks on the eastern edge of the San Emidio Desert have undergone extensive hydrothermal alteration and the presence of near-surface thermal fluids, suggest that the thermal fluids represent deep circulation of meteoric water (Moore, J.N., 1997).
  • The property adjoins the Empire geothermal power plant with production of 4.6 MW of electricity from a 155°C resource thereby providing a substantial heat source for the circulation of meteoric groundwater believed important in the formation of lithium brine deposits as found at Clayton Valley.
  • The company has just announced initial surface sampling program to commence on October 4, 2016.
  • Previous work by other operators exploring the playa have reported lithium value in sediments up to 312 ppm and the average of sampling being in the order of 250 ppm.
  • Nevada Energy Metals has acquired a 100% interest in the property, free of royalty payments.

Clayton Valley BFF-1 Lithium Project

  • The Clayton Valley BFF-1 Lithium Project southern boundary lies 250 meters from Albemarle Corporation’s Silver Peak lithium mine and brine processing operations. It is also the location of Pure Energy Minerals’ 816,000 metric tonnes Lithium Carbonate Equivalent (LCE) Inferred Resource NI 43-101 announced in July 2015.
  • The Clayton Valley Project has optioned out a 70% interest to American Lithium Corp (LI.TSXV), and Nevada Energy Metals has received a cash payment of $100,000 USD, and will receive another $200,000 USD over the next 2 years. Exploration expenditures of $1,000,000 USD from American Lithium Corp will take place over the next three years. American Lithium Corp’s “going public transaction” is now also complete, and Nevada Energy Metals will receive 1,200,000 shares over the next 2 years.
  • On September 20, 2016 American Lithium Corp, the Optionee of the Company’s Clayton Valley BFF-1 Project, has been advised that the BLM has approved a Notice of Intent describing proposed locations for up to 6 sonic drill holes on the property.
  • Shallow thermal-gradient drilling and lithium-exploration drilling by previous operators demonstrated that the area underlying this property contained Clayton Valley’s highest subsurface temperatures.
  • Within the boundary of the claim block, a drill hole by Western Geothermal Partners 2007 logged as WGP#2 reported as follows: “From 280 – to 305 feet, fine grained green sand and silt logged as volcanic ash was encountered. This unit may be correlative to the Main Ash Aquifer, which is a marker bed in other areas of the Clayton Valley Basin.”


Rick Wilson – Director, President, CEO


Rick Wilson has been in the mining and natural resource industry for over twenty years. Since 2006, Rick has been the President of Regent Ventures Ltd., a company engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of mineral resource properties. Prior to serving as its President, Rick was a director of Regent Ventures from 1993 to 2006. Rick is also a director of Wildcat Exploration Ltd.

Tim Fernback – Chief Operating Officer (COO), Director


Mr. Fernback possesses over 20 years of experience in financing and managing public and private small-cap companies throughout North America. Previously he has held multiple senior executive positions, including oversight of the Investment Banking and Corporate Finance Divisions at Wolverton Securities, formerly Western Canada’s oldest brokerage firm. He was also responsible for the consulting practice at Discovery Capital Corporation, a prominent British Columbia venture capital firm that specializes in financing and consulting. At Wolverton Securities, Mr. Fernback was responsible for due diligence reviews on corporate clients and investment banking business development relationships for over 6 years. He planned and opened 3 regional offices in western Canada and reviewed and analyzed over 300 corporate clients for funding within the financial services industry raising over $750M. Responsible for over 50 IPOs and over 100 Reverse-Mergers on the TMX and Nasdaq, Mr. Fernback represented Wolverton nationally on various stock exchange committees and industry groups, including the Corporate Finance Advisory Group and Underwriting Groups on various Canadian Exchanges. Mr. Fernback also currently serves as a Director for several Canadian mining companies. He holds an Honours B.Sc. from McMaster University, and is a graduate of the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia, where he completed a MBA with a concentration in Finance. Mr. Fernback also holds a Certified Professional Accounting Designation (CPA, CMA) and is an active member of many industry and trade organizations in Vancouver.


Jay Oness – Director

Mr. Oness has extensive experience in all aspects of corporate management with particular strengths in strategic planning, business development & investor relations for public companies. He has served as a Director, senior executive and consultant to public companies in resource and non-resource sectors over a successful 20 year career. He’s currently a Director & COO of El Nino Ventures Inc., COO of Next Gen Metals Inc., and SVP Business & Corporate Development of Pacific North West Capital Corp.

Ali H. Alizadeh—Director

Ali Hassan Alizadeh is a senior geologist possessing extensive experience in mineral exploration and project management. He graduated with a Geology degree in 1991 a M.Sc. in Petrology in 1995 and an MBA at Queen’s University in 2010. Building on his experiences as Project Geologist and Project Manager, Alizadeh has been responsible for a number of uranium, gold and base metal projects during his exploration career with various exploration companies. He is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia.

Robert Guanzon -Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Director


Mr. Guanzon, CPA, CMA, has been in the field of accounting for more than 25 years. He has been involved in the financial reporting of junior mining exploration companies, pharmaceutical manufacturing business, research & development, real estate/property management, and project building construction. Mr. Guanzon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, a Certified Public Accountant (Philippines) and a member of Chartered Professional Accountants British Columbia. He brings extensive experience in dealing with financial matters and corporate strategy.


Tina Whyte – Corporate Secretary


Tina Whyte brings over 20 years of experience in the corporate and securities industry. Her expertise spans to areas of corporate governance, continuous disclosure, financing transactions and regulatory filings and compliance. Ms. Whyte holds corporate secretary positions with other publicly listed companies.


Advisory Board


Randy Avon



Randy is CEO and Managing Director of Asian Pacific Development Corp “Asian Pacific” (APDC), a multinational business development and investment banking company. Asian Pacific, with its global partner network, has completed over 18 billion dollars in global infrastructure projects in 22 nations during the past 3 decades. These projects are mostly public/private partnerships that utilize debt, equity, and cooperative funding. He is also the former CEO of Corporate & Financial Consultants (CFC), Florida Fixed Income Corp, the Ft. Lauderdale Kunshan China as well as the Aruba World Trade Centers and Gateway International Trading Partners LLC. He has served on the board of directors for multiple multi-national companies. Mr. Avon is a former member of the Florida Legislature, formerly President and CEO of four World Trade Centers and Corporate and Financial Consultants (CFC). CFC completed over $8 Billion of infrastructure projects with E.F.Hutton and Prudential Bache prior to forming APDC. Randy Avon was also a former Florida Legislator, State President of the Florida Jaycees, Charter President of the Florida JCI Senate, and was named one of Florida’s Five Outstanding Young Men. He has served as a Presidential Advisor, was the Chairman of the Florida/Colombia Alliance, and was honored by the U.S. State Department with the James McKeithan Award for International achievements in the private sector. He chaired the Organization of American States (OAS) meeting in the United States in 2005 and has been a U.S. delegate to the past four Summits of the Americas. Mr. Avon’s background is deeply rooted in community involvement, civic, and citizen diplomacy achievements. He served as a distinguished member of the Florida Legislature and was the previous Chairman of the Florida/Colombia Alliance. He has been listed in Marquis’ Who’s Who in American Politics, Community Leaders of America, Outstanding Young Men of America, Marquis’ Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, and was named as a recipient of the 2007 Global Leaders Award. He was named one of south Florida’s “100 Most Powerful International Leaders” by South Florida CEO Magazine.

J Malcolm Bell

Advisor – Project Acquisitions

Mr. Bell has over 45 years of resource industry experience either as principal, director, or senior officer of private and public companies. In 1980, he founded Hi-Tec Resource Management Ltd., a successful minerals exploration company providing geological services in Canada, the USA and South America. In 1986, he founded the International Investment and Business Opportunities Exposition, the first investment trade show company in Canada providing private and public companies the opportunity to showcase themselves to an international audience.

In 1997, he co-founded British Canadian Mines Ltd., at the time the largest privately held mineral exploration company in Newfoundland; subsequently completed a $13-million reverse merger into Canaco Resources Ltd. In 2002, he helped negotiate a $20-million merger between Olympic Resources Ltd and Whittier Energy Corp., and in 2003, he co-founded PB Energy Partners, an oil and gas exploration partnership. Currently, Mr. Bell heads a private Vancouver based consultancy that sources projects and capital for companies engaged in mining, renewable energy and technology ventures.

Jeremy Poirier



Mr. Poirier has been providing a range of investor awareness and advisory services for both public and private companies since 2004. Over the past 12 years, Mr. Poirier has acquired extensive market experience and built a strong network of investors and industry contacts. He has also served as a member on a number of boards of directors and has held officer positions at several public and private companies. Through his network and market expertise Mr. Poirier has facilitated capital raising efforts as well as successful asset acquisition and corporate development undertakings.

Bill Macdonald


Mr. Macdonald is a founder and principal of Macdonald Tuskey, Corporate and Securities Lawyers, a boutique securities and corporate finance firm located in Vancouver, British Columbia established in April 2008. Prior thereto, from February 1998 to April 2008, Mr. Macdonald was a partner with Clark Wilson LLP and a member of the firm’s Corporate Finance / Securities Practice Group. Since May 2008 Mr. Macdonald has been a director of Blackbird Energy Inc., an oil and gas exploration company listed on the Exchange and was also the President of Blackbird from May 2008 until February 2013. In addition, Mr. Macdonald currently serves as a director of Viscount Mining Corp., a position he has held since October 2011, a director of Patriot Petroleum Corp. since December 2015 and a director and founder of Black Lion Capital Corp. since its inception on January 20, 2015. Mr. Macdonald was also previously a director of First Americas Gold Corporation, formerly Pannonia Ventures Corp. and Benz Capital Corp. Mr. Macdonald has been a member of the Law Society of British Columbia since February 1998 and a member of the New York State Bar since February 2002.






James Hellwarth



Mr. Hellwarth of Orlando Florida is currently a managing partner a Xander Capital where he has been instrumental in establishing and developing relationships with high net worth individuals and organizations. Mr. Hellwarth has been involved in business development and strategy of small cap companies for over 11 years. He has helped raise capital and create new opportunities for his clients. Through his extensive network of colleagues and individuals, Mr. Hellwarth will be able to assist in potential capital raises necessary for moving the company forward.

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