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FEATURE: Augusta Industries $ Discusses Spin-Out Transaction, Clients of Subsidiaries include: #Enbridge $ #Shell $RDS #Chevron $CVX #NASA

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 1:28 PM on Tuesday, October 17th, 2017



Augusta Industries (AAO:TSXV) is a superstar company that very few people small cap investors have ever heard of. More than just lip service, take a quick look at the client rolls of their 2 subsidiaries. Once you do, you’ll understand why Augusta just announced a spin out transaction that will split the subsidiaries into two companies, making shareholders very happy.


1]  FOX-TEK – World leading solutions to various sectors including the oil and gas industry. With non- intrusive technologies including: fiber optic sensors and electric field mapping systems; FOX-TEK is able to accurately measure changes that could negatively impact clients’ operations, the list of which includes the following Tier-1 Energy Companies.

2]  Marcon International – an industrial supply contractor servicing the energy sector and a number of US Government entities. Marcon’s principal business is the sale and distribution of industrial parts and equipment to clients that include government departments and global energy companies.

  • Aiming to deliver $25M in additional shareholder value with its Sensor Technologies spin out announcement on September 28th.
  • At the time of “Spin out”, Augusta will own 50 Million shares of Sensor Tech, and 100% of Marcon International,
  • Transaction unleashing the potential for explosive growth through its multinational relationships and state of the art monitoring technology

Augusta is a burgeoning beast in the Oil & Gas service sector with its multi-faceted approach to creating shareholder value for its shareholders.


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