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UltraPlay introduces #Esports betting currency eGold $GMBL #Blockchain #Blockstation

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 12:28 PM on Thursday, November 9th, 2017
  • UltraPlay has become the latest to introduce its own cryptocurrency to the esports space
  • This one, named eGold,
  • Focused on the esports betting market

Buff88, another UltraPlay creation in the form of a decentralized betting website, will be the first to integrate eGold. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the hard cap for eGold will be 25,000 ETH. The current Ethereum value is fairly volatile, and as per the time of writing one ETH is worth around £248.00. The token sale for eGold is set to start on December 18th, 2017. Once the hard cap is reached or on February 28th, 2018, whichever comes first, the token sale will end.

Curious as to why the company decided to launch their own, and in what way it differs from the now numerous others out there, Mario Ovcharov, Chief Commercial Officer at UltraPlay told Esports Insider: “Over the years we have developed a wide range of betting solutions that help online gaming brands step into the iGaming world. Now, we want to offer another cutting-edge technology solution to the eSports community and the leading eSports gaming brands that are using our services.

“We are also strengthening our years of experience on the Blockchain technology starting two projects – eGold and Buff88. We are aiming to make eGold the first-choice cryptocurrency for eSports punters worldwide and Buff88 – a decentralized eSports betting platform. Those two disruptive solutions are going to contribute to the eSports ecosystem in general and advance the stage of online betting as we are used to experiencing it now.

“Blockchain technology has the potential to resolve many aspects of the gaming industry – enhance the player’s experience and advance the payment transactions. Besides technological aspect of things, we aim to unify the eSports community by offering an easy, quick and secure betting on the most favorite game titles. As a market leader on eSports betting with the widest coverage of competitive games right now, we are giving the diversity players love and expect from a gaming brand.”

We also asked whether the lack of regulation around esports betting and cryptocurrencies more widely is a cause for concern. We’ve seen a number emerge in recent times including UnikoinGold,, Esports Gold, Skrilla and more. UltraPlay’s Ovcharov responded: “With the advanced technology Blockchain is offering, many traditional organizations from different industries have already started integrating Blockchain in their operations. The gambling industry is no different. Providers, operators, players have already started experiencing the positive changes Blockchain is bringing to the gaming world. Many new projects that are popping up have the ambition to bring something outstanding to the traditional online gambling.

“We actually were the first online gaming provider to adopt Bitcoin in the iGaming sector a few years ago and see that there is a great interest from players and operators. Regulations, in this case, follow the path on which the industry is built and proceed to grow. The blockchain is the synonym of decentralization. That doesn’t mean it has to be related with bad practices, on the contrary. It aims to offer better opportunities and environment for the users. On the other hand, gambling is a subject of regulations so that we have integrity and prevention of unregulated practices in the sector.”

Esports Insider says: We’re currently in the midst of a huge number of esports focused ICOs being announced. We’ll withhold our judgement until we know a little more, and rest assured we’ve plans to make a far fuller and more rigorous assessment of all of the main cryptocurrencies currently targeted at the esports space.  


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