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Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 2:40 PM on Monday, January 29th, 2018

  • Blockchain technology, a trump card when betting on sports
  • Sizeable profit margins managed autonomously

There’s no secret that betting of sports is stimulating, exciting, and ultimately, fun. It redefines gambling because people who become players participate in a contest with realistic winning chances. However, the risks associated with sports betting are often not worth the investment. With Blockchain technology transactions are immutable, meaning lower risks and improved contractual performance.

ESports is a profitable industry because it provides entertainment, gambling and technology in a single package. However, traditional sports betting platforms have flaws and cannot provide seamless experiences. A new project built on the Ethereum Blockchain technology, XWIN CryptoBet, aims to provide a better, more convenient betting space where all transactions and activities are performed seamlessly and transparently. The mission and vision is to leverage smart contract accounts that guarantee secure betting and bookmaking.

Blockchain technology, a trump card when betting on sports

Decentralization is the Blockchain’s main trump card that can prove extremely useful when engaging in sports betting activities. The team behind XWIN CryptoBet are experienced CEOs, entrepreneurs, business founders and sports enthusiasts that work together to disrupt the sports betting industry with an improved business model targeted at skilled bookmakers and avid players. Key benefits include full confidentiality, cross-border betting, information security, transparent transactions due to the association with the Ethereum smart contract model.

XWIN CryptoBet makes betting on sports an exciting but secure activity. The platform’s decentralized nature makes activities on the platform accessible, safer and more transparent. Users are in full control of their investment, and since the project is developed on Ethereum, the smart contract accounts offer them availability 24/7 from any smart device on the market.

Sizeable profit margins managed autonomously

Bookmaking has always seemed an interesting domain to avid investors and entrepreneurs searching for entertainment. XWIN provides stable margins between six and 20 percent. To eliminate risk, the XWIN token will be used to perform all types of transactions on the platform. Winnings made by both players and bookmakers are deposited into the holders’ smart contract account, and 80 percent of the tokens made available are intended for players, aspiring bookmakers and investors.

Holders of XWIN tokens are free to sell off or gamble their XWINs whenever they see fit on the platform. As far as the free exchange pricing is concerned, it all depends on supply and demand, as well as commission payments and token nominal price.

Players and better access on the XWIN platform

Betters and players that choose to join XWIN CryptoBet are fully protected from common risks associated with traditional eSports platforms such as substitution of results, blocking, account thefts, non-payment winnings, and more. Upon registration and purchase of XWIN tokens, betters and players benefit from guaranteed payments from the general guarantee fund, ID protection, convenience and accessibility, low fees, cross-platform betting and multi-wallet platform ID.

All funds are protected by the Blockchain-based system on Ethereum and are stored in the XWIN’s smart contract DAO account. As far as the economic model is concerned, the margin varies between six and 20 percent of the betting rate. All funds are managed individually, and out of an overall margin of 100 percent, 25 percent is reserved for player payments.

Thus far, XWIN CryptoBet has managed to raise $2.3 mln in the first stage of its token open sale. With a thriving community of nearly 7,000 members, the ICO rewards investors and players 10 percent for their contribution to the project by Jan. 23.

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