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FEATURE: $ Completes 3 Holes at Gold Drop $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM at 12:59 PM on Wednesday, March 14th, 2018


GGX Gold Corp. (TSXV: GGX), has completed the first three holes of the 2018 Phase III Diamond Drilling program on the Gold Drop Property near Greenwood, BC. The program currently underway is targeting the COD Vein in the Gold Drop Southwest Zone.

The first three holes of the current program have now been successfully completed for a total of 212.45 meters. These holes were designed to further delineate the COD vein at depth.

The holes were stepped back from the 2017 pads to target the vein at depth.

DDCOD18-1 – intersected a 2.81 m Mineralized Zone which includes a 1.2 meter Vein intercept

DDCOD18-2 – intersected a 4.3 m Mineralized Zone which includes 2.92 meters of veining and alternation further at a depth of down the hole was a 7.5 altered shear zone that was erratically mineralized.

DDCOD18-3 – intersected a 6.64 m Mineralized Zone which includes 2.33 Meters of veining and alteration


The Gold Drop Project is located 40 km from Grand Forks, British Columbia in geologically prospective ground in the well-mineralized Greenwood District. GGX Gold saw a very successful season in 2017 and has extensive plans to follow up in 2018. The Phase III drilling program of up to 1000 Meters is being designed to follow up on data obtained from the 2017 drill program that consisted of approximately 1500 M. The 2017 program was drilled along the COD Vein which was previously exposed in trenching accompanied with channel sampling. The current drill sites for phase III are at various locations along the previously exposed COD vein and Additionally, new drill sites have also been spotted for locations to the north and south of the exposed COD vein. These areas have yet to be trenched, however the company has recently identified gold anomalies in soils and is permitted for 850M of trenching. (Soils -News Release–Jan-10-18)

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