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INTERVIEW: Gratomic Chairman, Sheldon Inwentash Discusses Company’s First Mass Market Graphene Product – The Gratomic Tire

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:36 PM on Thursday, April 26th, 2018

After working in “stealth mode” over the past 18 months and building on a plan to establish the first vertically integrated Graphite to Graphene to Mass Market Product, Gratomic has emerged with an announcement it will be going into commercial production this year via the “Gratomic Tire“.   This is no small feat. Graphene has been touted as a miracle material, a superhero of modern chemistry. Yet, no small cap company has been able to produce any commercial success from graphene.

That is all about to change according to the following statement by Ian Walters of Perpetuus Carbon Technologies:
“We can only conclude that the Gratomic Tire due to be launched later this year is well placed to revolutionise the commercial Tire market and establish the first Graphite mine to commercial exploitation “vertical” for graphenes derived from mined graphite.”
More than just lip service, Perpetuus has over 500 customers testing their graphenes and has tested every graphite in the world. Graphene derived from Gratomics’ Aukam Graphite Mine in Namibia has beat them all.
In his first interview ever as Gratomic Chairman, Sheldon Inwentash discusses why the global tire market is the first mass market product to evolve from its’ partnership with Perpetuus and how big of an opportunity it represents. In short, “this is where the rubber hits the road”.
Enjoy the video and we look forward to your questions below.

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