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INTERVIEW: Good Life Networks $ Discusses Acquisition of Leading Connected Television Advertising Company Impression X

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 1:05 PM on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

This is our second interview with CEO Jesse Dylan in less than a month … and that can only mean one thing… good news is rolling out of GOOD:TSXV.

After setting records with their annual financials for revenue ($9.7M) gross profit ($4.3M) EBITDA ($1.7M) and Net Income ($1.3M), GOOD just announced the acquisition of Impression X for $6M.

What does Impression X do?  They’re a leader in connected television advertising or CTV.  Sounds good but what is CTV.  Glad you asked because we asked Jesse the exact same question … and you are going to love the answer.

In short, “cord cutters” are people that surrender their cable TV subscriptions and head for much cheaper online TV providers such as ROKU, Apple TV 4K, HULU and others.  Some will pay a premium subscription to remove all ads … but most do not and someone needs to serve them ads.

Voila Impression X.  In case you were wondering this might be a small market, think again because there are over 800 million connected TV’s around the world – and growing.  Heck, I’m thinking of putting an end to my cable TV bill madness myself soon.

Bottom line – the connected television market is massive and it’s only starting. GOOD just secured a prime seat at the table.

Grab a coffeee or preferred beverage and watch this interview. GOOD is on its’ way to GREAT.  Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.


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