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INTERVIEW: Canada’s Elon Musk Discusses Successful Demonstration of Drosrite™ System / Commercial Agreement for Sale of Titanium Powders $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 10:42 AM on Friday, May 25th, 2018

When we call Peter Pascali, CEO of PyroGenesis, the Elon Musk of Canada, we’re not joking.  Peter and his team have developed commercially successful, super high-tech products that are being purchased and evaluated by the world’s biggest customers.  Specifically:

  • Thier plasma arc waste destruction system has been installed on 2 (TWO) US Aircraft Carriers, with more orders expected in 2018
  • Their plasma arc chemical warfare agents destruction system was successfully tested by DARPA in destroying simulated chemical warfare agents
  • Multiple NDA’s have been signed with global aircraft engine manufacturers for their 3D printing powders (AKA additive manufacturing)
  • The Company just announced an exclusive agreement in Asia for the minimum sale of 10,000kg of Titanium Powders for additive manufacturing
  • The Company just announced successful testing of their Drosrite System (waste metal recovery) in India and received a paid demonstration order from a second Indian company, with the potential of 16 systems for both companies.
  • The Drosrite demonstration unit is in such high demand overseas that a second one is now being built for North America.
  • The company is in advanced stage development of a solar grade silicon metal that will potentially transform the solar industry by reducing operating costs, capex costs and carbon emisssions by more than 90%.

If you’re keeping score, that is Elon Musk style commercial success in the following areas:

  1. Plasma arc waste destruction for the US military
  2. Plasma arc chemical weapons destruction for the US military
  3. 3D powder for global manufacturers
  4. Drosrite waste metal recovery for global manufacturers
  5. Solar grade silicon metal

Might be more accurate to say that Elon Musk is the American Peter Pascali.

Grab a coffee or your favourite beverage and watch this interview.  This is unmitigated greatness taking shape right in front of us.

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