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CLIENT FEATURE: Star Navigation $ Real-Time Flight Tracking and Monitoring Technology

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 2:21 PM on Monday, September 10th, 2018


  • On-board real-time monitoring and data analysis system that provides a “virtual window into an aircraft”
  • As cost-effective air to ground communication system that automatically and securely transmits flight data and incident alerts.
  • Continuously monitors selected avionics systems on the aircraft from power-on to power-off, instantly analyzes the data, and transmits selected data and any incident alerts, via satellite to the operator.
  • Acts as an early warning system, detecting the earliest signs of potential problems
  • Performs these functions in “real-time” providing essential safety monitoring to the benefit of passengers, aircraft personnel, and ground crew
  • Applications include: Commercial Airlines, Helicopters, Business Aircraft, Assist Search and Rescue by providing last transmitted location
  • Recent applications: Emergency Medical Services (airborne and ground vehicles), Land vehicles



FULL DISCLOSURE: Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. is an advertising client of AGORA Internet Relations Corp.

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