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Client Feature: $ GGX Discovers Tellerium at GoldDrop along with 2018’s Highest Grade Drill Intercepts in the World over the 2018 Drill Season $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM at 10:18 AM on Friday, May 10th, 2019

Fortis Metals, the world’s leading producer of minor metals, recently forecast a tellurium supply deficit that, “as of 2020 could be as big as a staggering 370 metric tonnes.”

Noting the rapidly-growing use of tellurium for thin-film solar panels, Fortis stated:

            “At the moment, we are still seeing (tellurium) inventories in China but these are  being eaten away by the two main suppliers of First Solar (the world’s largest thin-film solar manufacturer). It is only a matter of time before the market will understand the new dynamics and prices will start to reflect the growing deficit. We would not be surprised to see prices break the previous record seen in  2011.”

GGX has produced some of the highest grade drill intercepts in the world over the 2018 drill season, which compliment High Grade Gold intercepts of:

  • COD18-67: 129 g/t gold, 1,154 g/t silver and 823 g/t tellurium over 7.28-metre core length;
  • COD18-70: 107 g/t gold, 880 g/t silver and 640 g/t tellurium over 6.90-metre core length.

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