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Affinity Metals $ Reports Over-Limit Assays for Regal Project Exploration $ $ $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM at 9:38 AM on Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

Affinity Metals Corp. (TSXV: AFF) (“Affinity”) (“the Corporation”) is pleased to release over-limit assays for samples from the fall 2019 exploration on the Regal property located in the northern end of the prolific Kootenay Arc approximately 35 km northeast of Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada.

As previously reported, the Corporation received assay results for all 22 rock samples collected from surface outcrops in September 2019 from the Black Jacket and ALLCO areas of the property. Of the 22 grab samples collected, the majority contained bonanza grade silver, zinc, and lead with many samples reaching assay over-limits. The over-limit results for zinc and lead are reported in the table below (italicized) beside the original assay values. Assay values for tin, including high grade samples 11, 14 and 20 which were over-limit in the original assay report, are also presented in the last column of the table.

Sample Number Sample Type Silver
ALC19CR01 grab 0 .035 0 0 0 0.4
ALC19CR02 grab 1300 .415 18.20 >20.0 (35.69) 0.70 46.1
ALC19CR03 grab 120 .232 .034 .984 0.02 2.4
ALC19CR04 grab 131 .089 .026 .102 2.66 1.1
ALC10CR05 grab 16.7 .295 .060 .013 0.09 0.4
ALC19CR06 grab 74.9 .144 >30.00 (34.97) .059 0.28 2.6
ALC19CR07 grab 10.05 .310 .086 .029 0.04 0.5
ALC19CR08 grab 1870 .495 24.5 >20.0 (31.90) 1.85 189.5
ALC19CR09 grab 88.1 .077 >30.00 (39.98) 1.88 0.08 32
ALC19CR10 grab 1545 .178 26.7 >20.0 (28.67) 0.68 373
ALC19CR11 grab 2360 .366 16.80 >20.0 (43.67) 0.11 900
ALC19CR12 grab 3700 .624 1.645 >20.0 (71.14) 3.14 273
ALC19CR13 grab 964 .716 17.30 17.5 0.11 386
ALC19CR14 grab 3530 .350 1.945 >20.0 (59.54) 1.57 1600
ALC19CR15 grab 3670 .026 1.895 >20.0 (77.01) 0.33 205
ALC19CR16 grab 1790 .107 5.28 >20.0 (52.77) 0.37 146.5
ALC19CR17 grab 751 .069 6.45 18.05 0.45 107
ALC19CR18 grab 1065 .718 .178 .514 0.10 7.6
ALC19CR19 grab 2510 .299 5.58 >20.0 (70.63) 0.06 167
ALC19CR20 grab 4410 2.27 26.40 >20.0 (21.56) 5.68 4500
ALC19CR21 grab 47.5 .177 .048 .092 1.78 8.8
ALC19CR22 grab 87.7 .095 .011 .047 4.79 2.9

As part of the fall 2019 program, a total of 1,846.35 meters of diamond drilling was completed with 21 holes being drilled. The drilling was divided over two target areas with 10 holes allocated to testing one of the phyllite/limestone contacts in the ALLCO area and 11 preliminary confirmation holes designed to begin testing the historic 1971 resource (pre NI43-101 and therefore not compliant) reported for the Regal/Snowflake mines.

The core samples have been submitted to MSA Laboratories in Langley, BC and assay results are pending and will be reported once received.

Property History & Background

The Regal Project hosts several past producing small-scale historic mines including the Regal Silver. The property also hosts numerous promising mineral occurrences. From the historic records it appears that most, and perhaps all, of the known mineralized showings/zones have not been previously drilled using modern diamond drilling methods.

Snowflake and Regal Silver (Stannex/Woolsey) Mines

The Snowflake and Regal Silver mines were two former producing mines that operated intermittently during the period 1936-1953. The last significant work on the property took place from 1967-1970, when Stannex Minerals completed 2,450 meters of underground development work and a feasibility study but did not restart mining operations. In 1982, reported reserves were 590,703 tonnes grading 71.6 grams per tonne silver, 2.66 per cent lead, 1.26 per cent zinc, 1.1 per cent copper, 0.13 per cent tin and 0.015 per cent tungsten (Minfile No. 082N 004 – Prospectus, Gunsteel Resources Inc., April 29, 1986). It should be noted that the above resource and grades, although believed to be reliable, were prepared prior to the adoption of NI43-101 and are not compliant with current standards set out therein for calculating mineral resources or reserves.

ALLCO Silver Mine

The ALLCO Silver Mine is situated 6.35 Kilometers northwest of the above described Snowflake/Regal Mine(s). The ALLCO Silver Mine operated from 1936-1937 and produced 213 tonnes of concentrates containing 11 troy ounces of gold (1.55 g/t), 11,211 troy ounces of silver (1,637 g/t) and 173,159 lbs of lead (36.9%).

Airborne Geophysics to Guide Future Exploration

An extensive airborne geophysics survey conducted by Geotech Ltd of Aurora, Ontario, for Northaven Resources Corp. in 2011, identified four well defined high potential linear targets correlating with the same structural orientation as the Allco, Snowflake and Regal Silver mines. Northaven also reported that the mineralogy and structural orientation of the Allco, Snowflake and Regal Silver appeared to be similar to that of Huakan’s J&L gold project located to the north, and on a similar geophysical trend line. The J&L is reportedly now one of western Canada’s largest undeveloped gold deposits.

After completing the airborne survey, Northaven failed in financing their company and conducting further exploration on the property and subsequently forfeited the claims without any of the follow up work ever being completed. Affinity Metals is in the fortunate position of benefitting from this significant and promising geophysics data and associated targets.

The aforementioned Northaven airborne geophysical survey conducted at a cost of $319,458.95 in August of 2011 is described in The BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Assessment Report #33054. The results of the survey are competently explained and illustrated by professionals on You Tube at:

Condor Consulting, Inc. who compiled the survey data and produced the original geophysics report was recently retained by Affinity in order to provide more detailed interpretations and potential drill target locations with the aim of testing two of the four target areas in the future.

Earth Sciences Services Corp. (ESSCO) has also provided acoustical geophysics data for portions of the Regal property.

The Corporation is in the process of correlating and interpreting all of the historic and new geophysical data with the objective of further advancing exploration plans and associated drill targets.

Affinity Metals has been granted a 5 Year Multi-Year-Area-Based (MYAB) exploration permit which includes approval for 51 drill sites.

Qualified Person

The qualified person for the Regal Project for the purposes of National Instrument 43-101 is Frank O’Grady, P.Eng. He has read and approved the scientific and technical information that forms the basis for the disclosure contained in this news release.

About Affinity Metals

Affinity Metals is focused on the acquisition, exploration and development of strategic metal deposits within North America.

The Corporation’s flagship project and present focus is the Regal.

On behalf of the Board of Directors

Robert Edwards, CEO and Director of Affinity Metals Corp.

The Corporation can be contacted at: [email protected]

Information relating to the Corporation is available at:

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