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CLIENT FEATURE: Hollister Biosciences $ – Signed $20M LOI To Acquire Venom Extracts With $16.4M CAD In 2019 Revenue and 2.48M CAD in EBITDA $ $CGC $ACB $APH $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 9:00 PM on Thursday, February 27th, 2020

BREAKING: Signed $20,000,000 Letter of Intent To Acquire Venom Extracts (“Venom”)


Venom Highlights

  • 2019 Est Revenue ~C$16.4M; EBITDA ~C$2.48M
  • 30% Of Acquisition Price Paid If Venom Revenues Hit $30,000,000 and $40,000,000 By DEC 31, 2021
  • Average revenue per gram YTD 2019 $CDN 14 and will continue to increase as vape cartridge mix grows ($CDN 30 per gram)
  • One Of Arizona’s Largest Producers Of Award-Winning Medical Cannabis Distillate
  • Acquisition Expected To Close By March 31, 2020 Subject To Due Diligence

An established brand in Arizona for high quality products in the wholesale and distillate marketplace. Venom is leveraging its brand and success to aggressively expand into other US states.


  • Hollister will acquire Venom Extracts for CDN$20,000,000 via Hollister stock
  • The stock price will be determined based on the greater of:
    • The 14-day VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) capped at $0.25 subsequent to announcing the transaction and $0.20
    • Once share price is established, 70% of the Payment Shares will be issued upon closing of the transaction
    • Remaining 30% of the Payment Shares will be issued when and if the following milestones have been met on or prior to December 31st, 2021

Per State Cash Flow Expectations

Planned State Additions


Hub On AGORACOM / Corporate Profile / Read Release

FULL DISCLOSURE: Hollister Biosciences Inc. is an advertising client of AGORA Internet Relations Corp.

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