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$ Profiting from Protection: The Power of Permission-Based Partner Programs $ $ $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 11:13 AM on Monday, August 31st, 2020

Savvy investors know that lot of smart money is now funneling into forward-thinking companies that are fulfilling an immediate need to provide real world solutions to identity fraud and creating value through data validation.

Now, an innovative, Toronto-based company is making real things happen to protect consumers, companies, and capital.

KABN Systems (CSE.KABN, OTCMKTS: TRWRF, Forum) focuses on the verification, management and monetization of digital identity, empowering users to control and benefit from the use of their online identity. KABN’s propriety technology suite includes four key products – KABN ID, Liquid Avatar, KABN Card, and KABN KASH. The company provides its products and services at no cost to consumers and generates revenues through permission-based partner programs.

In this extremely informative podcast, Stockhouse’s Dave Jackson was joined by KABN’s President, Co-Founder, and Director David Lucatch. Mr. Lucatch has spent more almost 35 years in the international marketing arena and over 25 years of that developing technologies and taking them to market. Prior to co-founding KABN, David held senior management posts and directorships at both private and public technology and media firms.

The Company believes that ownership of identity is a basic human right and individuals should be the primary beneficiary of any use of their identity.

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