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VIDEO – HPQ Silicon Is Able To Deliver The Carbon Coated Silicon Elon Musk, Tesla And Electric Battery Makers Are Seeking

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:50 PM on Thursday, October 15th, 2020

Welcome to beyond the press release a production in which we take the time to speak with small cap executive right after they put outnews and seems like we have in this guy here every week about Bernard troullion chairman CEO H. B. P. silicon the company trades on the bench from the stock symbol H. P. Q. for those who knew the story we got a ton of shareholders so we know the you know the story but there are a lot of new people constantly discovering HPQ generally speaking the Canadian producer was building our portfolio of high value specialty silicone products that are needed for the coming renewable energy revolution now a lot of companies have a lot of lip service and mapped out that might sound like jargon but the fact of matter is this H. becuz already announced not one but 2 NDAs with industry participants and last week announced that a major global auto manufacturer had requested samples and potentially even and potentially even a pre order up the headline today that we’re talking about HPQ proprietary nano silicon manufacturing process to incorporate the first ever one step capability of carbon coating metal silicon material as it is produced Bernard that’s a mouthful let’s talk about then how are you very well very well by the way it’s been 2 weeks okay so that’s got people like you I gave you 2 weeks break before came up when you press release I don’t. Popped up my I can’t escape you I thought you keep coming into my garage yeah by the road yeah so let’s talk about the importance of this because if you read it on its face you think all right you know they’re good we already do this great stuff with the nano silicon side and obviously NDA is the car manufacturer all of that so do you you just doesn’t do you doesn’t sound like a big deal but. The relevance of the quote musk also added that he would tackle one of the key downsides of using silicon inside and out by coating the silicon with elastic polymer coating and holding the still got together with the elastic binders salt is this coding Hey that important and be you doing it in one step is that a big game changer. Yes yes yes I’m. I absolutely don’t press release basically says you know there everybody knows there’s issue with silicone that’s what’s not to like while the press one of the first thing that really needs to be done in one of the first solution to resolve the issues going on which is what we’re doing and after. What the work of pyrogenesis is really in the engineering and there’s I’ve discovered or found out is there is a there is a way for us to do in the same process to encapsulate it into carbon so basically that’s that’s what it is it’s it’s true strategy you have you make a material small and then you try to capture it as a way of doing what the guys apart was figured out is that we can basically in chapter in capsule 8. At the same time as we make the material bottom line is very simple it’s going to be cheaper to do it that way it saves the process it seems everything else I I put the description another process all other proces recaps leaving you with your own bus because talking about as you take that silicone first of all you gotta make it to the size you want to whatever that sizes port for. And then you got it in capsule which is an additional step so every additional steps and cost as contamination risk as you know it’s it’s just it’s just it’s an additional piece of equipment so if you can combine 2 steps into one then you know you’re old you be cheaper so we’re you know we’re going to be the cheapest one we were you know you can already started attacking that actually means we’re gonna be able to produce what the battery manufacture with TV manufacturers are looking for in a wide range of you know product range you know somebody wants just a nanoparticle excell exiles will deliver the one coating will do that so it’s it’s just to demonstrate the flexibility and the value of the relationship we have with our I think not long ago when we announced a deal with Pyro people kept pushing the value we paid for the I. P. well this is what we. It’s this one group of the stuff about it did you want you gave an example of the process in the press release Hey man I got a minute it sounds like it’s a long. An expensive bottle is not the case and if so. How big of an advantage is this going to give you in the marketplace because in your quote you said HPQ continues to expand the attractiveness of our product line for renewable energy storage participants and electric vehicle manufacturers to keep looking for cost effective ways tip increases silicon in their batteries so you know are you really it was already you’re already pioneering the space because you’re going now and now it seems like your potential pioneering the space because you’re going nano and coding at the same time so is that how how big of an advantage are you gonna be it’s gonna be massive up as demonstrators like everything else but it’s just your forward thinking how we are when we when we say we’re provider of innovative so so the conclusion that’s what we do that’s where that’s what our focus and that’s what we’re working in silicone for batteries as needed mainstreet 8 Tesla’s finally made it mainstream people understand where it’s coming now courses a lot of people to be talking about. there is the the the technical issues with using silicon and bats all right. And we’ll end with Tesla’s is demonstrating that badly needs one of the ways including gear so right now this 5 percent used in the in balance you can’t really use more because of those issues arise so as we as we present these type of products they can probably be stored to be incorporated now if the battery doesn’t need to next generation batteries are going to require more defense everything else so what was this one saying I’m advancing it so maybe what are in caps the material they’ll be able to increase by one to 3 percent the quantity of silicone in their present bad news as we move to the to the other generation of batteries and produce different products so we can have a wide scope scope of products I’m not offering just one product okay I’m offering each article solution group solution to. The the battery manufacturers TV manufacturers and everything else so being in that position I’ve I’ve had discussion I think we we even signed an NDA with with somebody who was looking into getting our nano materials to basically see how they can actually in their own process because every reason to develop their own rules we’re just looking at developing a different process for us that’s good that that we can do at the same time it’s just to show the forward thinking and and and how we we look at the issue. That’s all now up until now other potential a potential customers are players the space would have had to take your nano silicon or the we all all the all the different potential products which they would love that would’ve been a gift that would love the movies but it’s still had to go out and quote it themselves exactly. It’s just so we we we can give it is is it. The key point is reducing the cost per kilometers annual kilowatt you know the cost of major you bad that’s that’s the that’s about so what we’re offering is that opportunity to do that okay. Some. One of the one of the quote your quote I got to ask you about this because it’s a pretty bold statement in your quote again it’s an excerpt so far one was read the press release of the long quote there couple key excerpt this excerpt is our belief that HPQ nano PUREVAP. The reactor she will open up a unique multi $0 business opportunity for HPQ and power genesis has never been stronger he. How that I mean that’s a bold statement D. A. that should we read that as you guys have very little doubt left whether going to be able to deliver. Into this market come December then 2021 and so on and so forth. We strongly believe that we are uniquely positioned okay to deliver the material and to be the solution provider for EV’s environment we were about to slip we actually strongly believe that we have the. We we’re not using a complicated process fundamentally if you if you listen to what the Mr musk said it is battery days is he wants to use metallurgy grade silicon metal to make the material for batteries now what is implied in that is the truth all the other polls as the one from Salah and everybody else uses hi you purely material or more complex material like selling gas and all those type of problems which are more expensive but which I think can be is gonna be the exactly same thing console because it was somebody was telling selling me a process of talking about a process as we have the same cash cross you know the lowest cash gross yes it’s true but you need All new people by the way Bernard just for a minute just to go off on a tangent you ever everybody else was playing in the battery metal space still has to dig stuff out of the ground. For a lot of money. You don’t maybe just be 30 seconds long. It’s a question of a business plan there is the problem is if you have any money okay you don’t have to design a product to sell your product your your. You’re not looking into resolving solution you’re trying to figure a way to add value to your product okay what age did you does differently is. We understand the product which is silicone numbers and how it’s me okay we also understand the wrong product needs immediate made it is it is it it’s abundance its not really an issue especially our process which increase the availability so we focus much more on delivering tailor made the product that the bad is that the that the end buyers can buy so we’re not. You know it’s like it’s it’s it’s not the start records not double ports underground doesn’t really change anything as long as I can make the product the my buyer wants to go to the wall once I have so I’m really into those niche market and I don’t have to support money. That’s just the start up or everything else because as you eat it and you’ve seen the issues with other companies have you you’re trying to to basically you’re trying to accomplish to complex things at the same time so I decided to eliminate one just focus on one however reduce the risk of that the other call texting which is developing a new commercial process basically going from our end the commercial to commercial scale is that part of myself basically my order surely part of genesis which have a history and a track record of doing this so how did I you mitigate the risks well first of all I live I live in a completely one of the issues. And second of all I partner up with a company that has a track record of doing this so it’s not something I think people have to realize that the the plasmanet reactor we’re developing is an expansion of what pyrogenesis been doing into the depositors that was everybody else’s processes are brand new we gotta try something university testing for 3 years but in this case pyrogenesis this is just an offshoot of something they’ve done they’re already doing at global scale with other powers yeah so so it’s it’s just that we’re working on a specific size range where that technology isn’t the most appropriate but our new technology is going to cover that specific pricing so as nano particles become more and more part of our daily life I’ll be adding it to a low cost capacity of manufacturing and industrial skills goals nanoparticle is going to be you know import. So let me ask you where you’re at right now because the last thing the last 2 things we know is this you’ve got a major auto manufacturer in the press release which I assume is a global automotive actually there are too many regional guys global automatic factor who likes the product so much it appears that they’ve already requested sample and potentially you’re expecting your first ever pre order and also the second thing we know is that you’re aiming for December to have the reactor ready and sending out samples to ever needs them so let us know where are you with both of those right now. Well we’re definitely on target you know December we did we did 3 actors going to start we’re going to you know that in our in the testing and everything else with that reactor to really figure out everything else but we’ll be producing enough material to send it to first of all to do it to me in our pre order which will then become full order and then descended to the tune to the tune 2 other battery manufactures have been asking you know. It’s asking for material so that’s phase one middle of next year we will have we will then probably end up being the major league of national producer because in a lot of system is gonna be producing 3.5 ton per year which is you know pretty much out there in regards to the materials and everything else and and then we’re going to be you know rolling from there as as the man comes in as as interest is gonna show which we are we’re sure it’s going to be it’s it’s it’s gonna be ringing out the door especially with this new press release today well we added an additional capacity so it’s going to be demonstrating that we can do it month and demonstrate how we can go more skill started selling and start you know negotiating long longer term deals with with different people we want to become the innovative solutions to common solution provider to you know every evening factors and battery manufacturers out there. And that’s what Martin does a real barbecue right because you’re able to. Take your product and almost customized for you what manufactures may want as opposed to George’s battery metal company I got to dig it out of the ground in the hope that whatever I’m digging out of the ground can kind of match somebody in this world you it you and pyrogenesis are able to actually. Pretty much I don’t think I don’t tailor make is too strong but you’re able to do what that’s what’s different. That’s a German use weak we can chill tomorrow too on to the to the environment by tailoring is going to be like you know one bad was going to say I want this size distribution of that will decide the situation I want to say one decide distribution. There will be some of them gonna save you one then a warm some of them as the one that about so I think it will end up having this discussion but we will be stuck up with one discussion one person say you know we’re just we’re not going to be selling just one color they will be able to do different then different end products so that this is what gives us more much more flexibility which is why it was going to try people to do what we’re doing it’s it’s really our ability to to to be responsive to the the alkaline which is looking at increasing its usage of silicone on their backs you know it’s like the truth of the matter is all the other pro sister trying to make you know nettle potters are all based on physical grounding of the material or using a very expensive gas so it can make a spherical materials we as we mean we show the picture you’ve been lucky you’ve been very confident the entire time I gotta tie Bernard from the first time we start talking about this for 5 years ago you were extremely cop a confident that you’re going to get here but now that you’re here is there still a party that almost. Doesn’t believe it or is super excited or you still hate George I knew this was gonna happen and I’m happy for our shareholders but I knew this going out or do you ever pinch yourself sometimes and say man this is serendipitous. Well as you said it’s really certain if it is you have to realize that you know we we live with the up and down we always knew from the beginning that we have something unique. You know at first we thought solar would be the way to go on and then as solar roof for different reason I still believe I still believe in that but it’s much more of a further down the line type of outlook so we always believe in the unique capacity of what we had and we just have to figure a way to okay what’s gonna be the big the big need of this product in the market how how we read that. This is where the partnership with pyrogenesis really pays off because you know if we had just appeared apple but probably didn’t have all that expertise into making the the nanoparticles we wouldn’t be in this great position and what was truly serendipitous was our decision about a year year point 5 ago to to to to gradually more focused towards where we are right now because we had a believe at that time that eventually we would be at this point so our timing is really perfect in the sense that we’re going to be coming to the market with a capacity to do something we ate half ways to commercial scale. Often people design process get people excited and then when the pathways to commercialization do you realize you can go you know what part of genesis we have a different approach in the beginning our question mark we start with is there a path was to commercialization that we developed the balance of and that’s a big difference okay all my competitors are there trying to to get into this field are sure trying to figure the way how do we go to commercial fishing you already have a path we know how we’re going to be doing is going to be scalable. But gradually scaling up our processes to ace commercial side we feel comfortable that we can just no copy and paste copy please copy and paste we’re not going to try to go to have an account 0 total one system but we’re gonna have that capacity because. Within the next few years the market’s gonna go from you know having a demand of 5 to phone or maybe 3 times for you per year which is what it is now 100000 turn for your purchase so it’s the question is is there going to be a demand for the freaking stuff is it one of my you know competitor maybe call it actually said that the question isn’t can we make this stuff is given me get them cheap enough and enough of a cheap enough to meet the demand that’s coming and that’s literally the question mark and that’s already part of our thinking our path was moved forward often people in the army says all of this is looks like a great solution when you try to figure out how to help you scaled up the scratching of heads. Yes I haven’t well I will talk about more that more of that another time I’m sure but you know to bring together HPQ with pyrogenesis is just a match made in heaven and and congratulations man I mean I’m happy as a shareholder and everybody at home was a shareholder another great piece of the puzzle added today with this with this one step carbon coating seems like everything you do is one step. And and that’s pretty spectacular Bernard thank you. You’ve been watching or you for listening by podcast Bernard Tourillon chairman CEO of HPQ silicon  trades on the TSX venture exchange under the stock symbol HPQ for those of you who’ve been around the store for years I hope you love this interview I loved it for those of you who are discovering HPQ and that’s new people every day we hope you got some fantastic information to this but if you want to learn more because we know there’s a lot to to to to think about here get to the HPQ profile on AGORACOM we’ve got everything neatly laid out for yeah but the number 1 thing I’d probably recommend right after you did you do that is watch the videos we’ve done with Bernard in the year 2020 if you’re serious about due diligence go back and watch them maybe the most valuable interviews you ever watch for everybody else thanks for joining us have an amazing day.

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