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VIDEO – HPQ NANO Receives First Order for Spherical Nano Silicon Material from Major Automobile Manufacturer

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 3:53 PM on Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

Welcome to beyond the press release a production of AGORACOM inwhich we take the time to speak with small cap executives right after they put out important news and this one is big news it’s out of HPQ Silicon trades on the TSX venture the stock symbol H. P. Q. with us is chairman CEO Bernard Tourillon we know there are a lot of new people watching this company just from the quality news that’s come out in the last 30 days and what’s up in the market so I’m going to give you a quick summary for all the new people too HPQ is a Canadian producer of innovative silicon solutions what that means is they’re building a portfolio of high value specialty silicone products that are needed for the renewable energy revolution and they’re doing it with two world renowned technology partners now more than just lip service because a lot of companies like that just use corporate jargon HPQ already signed NDA with at least 2 battery manufacturers and energy players that we know of the incident in the past have been that there are more and the one that really points at home is the press release that came out on Thursday afternoon and I’m gonna read it HPQ nano received first order for spherical nano silicon material from a major automobile manufacturer. Bernard this is big news but you had something like on September 30 what’s the difference between these 2 well the difference is massive one of them is the on September 30 is me talking up the fact that I’m talking to car manufacturers to Every manufactures to battery manufacturers and the second one is one of them coming to me and saying here’s your PO we want to be first in line to get your product what you do with these are specification can you need to. We we know we can meet them and that’s it that that’s that so that difference is massive second of all it does have to realize well the investors are HPQ okay for that maybe that’s not a big news because it’s a full but there’s a lot of investors that we exist and there’s a massive you know there’s a massive investment space for the type of company to HPQ is which is a company that’s focused on renewable energies helping solving the problem with regard to energy storage and you know he increasingly reducing the cost of electric vehicles and all those type of aspects there’s a lot there’s a massive audience for what we’re doing and for a lot of those new investors okay the treasurer for them before you between a company that talks about what they have the company has is something having first PO so I thought it was important to say we said we’re gonna deliver. The car manufacture shown an interest. And he confirmed it was sending us a PO so we thought that was important issue and it allows us to reiterate where we are in a leadership position just enter yeah I’m glad you bring that up because clearly a lot of us who have been following the story you’re right it’s almost next take the next step the next step but I would have to think that any older a lot they’re a lot of companies out there who say we are talking to we’ve we’ve heard other companies say that so tax you get an order is much different from wild you know what to talk about was a one email was a meeting was a one phone call here means you went all the way through so clearly there’s a big difference and let’s talk about that they place the order in order to be the first in order to guarantee being first in the queue up for for the material does this automobile manufacturer we gotta give this anonymous are my facture name some other point at some point some some coding client B. Except maybe Friday but. Does it give them an edge over other my automatic factors in the future.  The fact that they called me okay and says we have a specific need for this and we want to test your material okay and it looks like you can do it which we can’t. Demonstrated  that they see a need nobody else can really do. Don’t underestimate the image of the spherical metal powders that you know I sometimes put out we put out a few press release we have in our presentation our powers are very sacred okay there perfect Easter so they’re gonna be very vantage is all technicalities about how you make a bad is the fundamental you squish the material copper plate not so it works so it’s it’s it’s the same thing like with the. 18 pounder for departure was developed with plasma deposition what made you want to meet their material so unique was the fact it was so scared could be very very well you so you know we come out of the we have in our DNA that PyroGenesis expertise about spirituality and that’s I think that’s a that’s a point is really important second point is we believe we can do it Taylor me regards to size the people want so it’s not going to be it works this way does this way a lot of the other process or you know you have to militant that it you don’t get a slice of our products so I think. Those are what the things are attractive that’s what we feel very comfortable with this and for and for people at home that almost seems like it almost doesn’t seem like them the magic bullet that is so spherical right but we’ve seen I’ve seen pics in the past when you put a press release back I think for the PAC it’s just really difficult to get that spherical point it seems like so do we have that big of a product hedge on on most of the. Lawyers out there right now yes yes just because it’s it’s it’s not very difficult is not that many technologies to do this okay. Last minimization is one well the reason we’re not too pleasant to some of the specifics of what the producers are looking for but we’re we’re basically inventing a new version I affectionately call the plasmetization which is an extension of level to the station which basically does the spherical material all the other material are either chemical deposition in the Siemens reactor which basically out of the soul agree doesn’t industry in that does not wires with with a selain gas which is a highly explosive materials I think so far at this year’s number 4 plans of blew up with those material holy hell that. No like even Walker bill the new plant in the U. S. and twice they had fired explode. No it you if you do a quick search on selling gas you’ve just found a few interesting videos on YouTube. Anyway that’s that that’s one of the technologies the other one is it is physically grinding the material to the shape you want to walk sorry to tell you but once you get into the size we’re looking for you cannot grind something he’s perfectly. That’s okay that’s the end and it’s a mess I’m glad you said that because people even me what just might assume okay how difficult is it get something spherical but clearly your explain that no plans are blown up trying to get this done. Let’s talk about looking forward to this an amazing milestone naturally but there was 1 statement H. P. Q. nano looking forward to the December 12/3/2020 start of the Gen 1 PUREVAP NSR reactor in order to start delivering material and here’s the key as we work to keep up with the expected strong interest in our nano silicon products first of all you got appeal so that just gives that statement much more credibility right off the bat what indications you have from now that indication that interest will be strong. Well we also have NDAs with people that want to so we saw some people give us PO some people make a sign NDAs and ask for material does this is this is how we want. So that’s how we know and I can I can just. You know I can just get a good feeling regarding number people trying to contact me how people in the industry to come around there isn’t that many people that will have this ability to to deliver deliver the material out there no I’m I’m and I’m looking to distribute my material at large more more people research center so there’s gonna be more more plausible we do so by the time margin 2 reactors it’s going to come along the way can really deliver more higher quality material you know we anticipate that to be a very high high demand product record will be produced at the Jan one is perfect because for now no would be playing it known be placing a mass purchase order anyways they just want smaller smaller material sizes so here’s a question I have if if all your indications are correct and long you been right up at this point there’s no reason to doubt that that’s the great part you know what what could be your capacity for the number of different auto manufacturers research facilities and other renewable energy companies up that could be requesting materials for you by the time December rolls are because I have to assume this puts on the map right there the entire industry has probably heard about this are about to hear about this so is our capacity for the number of materials you can be sent to you you could be sending out for testing at the the different companies like this one but just by the purchase order yeah yes when we had discussion with with pyrogenesis about how we would be you know scheduling organizing ourself and doing everything else the decision to make the D. D. D. general on the small machine. And this in its size and skip past he was fundamentally designed to be able to meet what we thought we anticipate will be a preliminary demand until we get the other machine goal and it was sort of like a trade off we decided to do we decided basically to build 2 machine instead of just having one is going to be one reason why we did that is 8 with when you go to machine the first machine basically you know it’s you know there’s a there’s a bit of are in deep research and destroy and we learned a lot through these processes the second ball I’ll be capable or furnishing samples everything else so it was you know basically killing 2 birds one stone sure and and that and that’s what we did and seems to be paying off now. You know I I have a good idea with depending on the tears you know it can be universally laboratory can be as small as a few grams to somebody’s gonna ask for 10 kilograms so it’s it’s gonna it’s gonna hop between those amounts that we need in the machine I had the the the capacity to deliver this at the same time for us to be able to learn about all the material I get asked a lot often the questions how sure you guys can make it thank you to all the people thought we don’t have any issue about making. The key the key point for us is how do we collected render it okay to be transported make sure we have we don’t contaminate all the stuff that but those are not the issues that are you know that worrisome for us because it borrows a big expertise in this regard. Yeah for people at home who are watching for the first time learning about a speaking for the first time the partner nation acute analyst pyrogenesis Canada who as commercialized their power their spherical titanium powders with some the largest 3 D. industrial printing companies in in Europe they’re pleasant knowledge is being used on 2 aircraft carriers if for the United States and 2 more aircraft carriers with the just place an order so you know PyroGenesis has proven that they can do that they can deliver global app application at a global scale so that’s what that’s what Bernard is referred to in so much confidence and you bring that up and my next question was this the Peter Pascali quote I think was maybe most president of all the great information already inside this press we saw I’m gonna read the last part in which he says as a technology provider would be the first to say that nothing is guaranteed in every new application there will always be challenges along the way both anticipated and unanticipated with that in mind we’re happy to know that at this point in time we see nothing that should prevent us from successfully producing the desired powders using the PUREVAP nano silicon reactor I mean execution risk is always a concern and we’ve seen other companies the past who have been able to make it out of the lab after so much great promise and here you have an incredible technology partner saying as of right now there’s nothing to prevent you if Peters writes. And again how can you doubt him if he’s right how significant of the player does HPQ become In the world market for this space for this product in the space of nano silica what this technology is going to give us is there is a range you have to understand that in the resort confidence appears to office team is this is sort of an extension of what they’ve already done with plasma donation as I said but we’re dead we’re not entering a range of products that look not too many people can do from the National Science to one to 5 microns okay maybe a bit bigger that’s that’s about 3 and those are those are significant markets their guard technology’s going to deliver and this is what we’re pushing and Carol has developed this is done this kind of a track record has technical team behind this and I’d like to reach it read it here it repeat sorry could reiterate what they reiterate I’ll use it sometimes when phonetic accents statistics in your mind frame that is added Saturday right inside of the 2 yeah yeah what my. Yeah yes this is certainly we can lose my my train of thought well you want to reiterate is that you want to add a review yet the jury that Pyrogenesis doesn’t get involved with the project okay. Unless they can they know they can scaled up to commercial scale. Pyrogenesis is not for R&D it’s an R&D to develop cross on the incredible opportunity to each piece you had this we sort of been able to develop a product line is very close to what Pyrogenesis that’s basically using the field of expertise of our genesis and basically just because it’s about to explode the national silicone you know was on the radar of us that are excited about select when you want when you all must mean is show about it shows through for vice the slight about it even though it doesn’t overly simplified but still it it tracks the interest and everything is there and we’ve been working on this for for 5 years all my competitors in the field okay. They’re doing is they’re taking solar grade silicon plain black you know what we what we were building to and using that to try to make the materials for batteries okay by default any polysilicon plant any plant that does basically the soul of it it’s a legal matter uses as feedstock metallurgic would sort of come up okay. We use as feedstock our own metallurgic saloon model that we produce or any cheaper. In the moment you had you know it’s an old board people technicality in the Saturday. I think I was all too good to one okay well it’s the same process that they were using so so it’s the same issue that that that we face in the wilderness solar springs but we don’t need the the purity so we went all over you the the bottom line everything else this is why it’s so. Our position is so unique just as this market is about to explode the man for this is gonna be hyper law hyperbolic okay that’s how that’s the way it’s going to be right now if you read all the research material there’s not enough raw material okay for all the E. V. guard that people want to build. That’s the bottom line. So we’re in the right space what else can I say it’s sad event at which you think would be fair to say and maybe that’s a stretch but would it be fair to say Bernard that if you’re actually able because up until now it seems like the industry has been hampered by the fact that there just isn’t a lot there there’s a lot of capacity right there’s a lot of supply capacity if you guys can actually do is you’re saying and doing as Peter thinks are going to deliver that that could actually increase the accelerate sorry the speed the growth speed of the of the electric car market at the end the day it will but it’s the pathway is already ridiculously good state like it’s new if if you look at the map it’s a shortage there’s no shortage of material all over the place so when one of the reason why they’d want to go the key equation is reducing the cost of making the car and route in reducing the cost of running it of operating okay in the solar field I can tell you to you know 20 years ago nobody believe the movie making solar cheaper than all the other carbon based energy now it’s the case it’s since been dug up and the same thing is going to happen this week so. Since I have a background and I understand a study very much what happens solar industry I fully anticipate the same thing’s gonna happen baggage so since the beginning HPQ because technologies have been position for that reality is going to be coming which is massive growth in the mail lot of people trying to produce material at the same time okay this is only going to be a few winners and I’m making sure that we’re positioned to beat that winter that’s the bottom line of what we’re doing and. It’s you know it’s nice for Bernard to say this but I think we’ve build technological know Dream Team car to make information. Yep because in the past we’ve seen companies fail because it’s a. George in a couple of guys in the couple labs and they make all sorts of big promises but it’s really George a business guy with some lab partners and we can never scaled everything collapse where is here apple also older we have really talk about them they’ve delivered around the world they’re renowned pyrogenesis is blue generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue or these orders anyway from the U. S. navy from manufacturers and end in the middle east do you name it they’re they’re generating and so that’s the big difference this team actually has a history of delivering this kind of technology last question when I ask you. If the car market was the only market for these powders that would be good enough obviously right but the fact of matter is like all technology I expected to pervade other parts of our lives into a place that we weren’t expecting so where else can you go with these powders you colluded to something the past what we’re up now that you’re getting orders we have to revisit that conversation which is where else can you go wires can you get these powder grow into. Well the the easiest low fruit for us to to pick on and to deliver on this actually the one that all of our partners but also silicon for hydrogen I believe in in the short to medium term will be a bigger draw bigger demand on just to give a pair of free. Just on the first commercial Wilder for smaller system I was having a discussion with guys  anything can converted their material to our power thank you know we’ll we’ll know that the server will send the material you know that would basically take almost a full production legend to react on an annual basis and I just want to order from the so that is exciting hello there’s more there’s more of this and the beauty of. The work with apple’s first what happens a shareholder reach peak use that also double as motivates them to do that the to work with us second of all the guys about below are you a world renowned expert on silicon and everything has to do with hydrolysis of creating hydrogen with silicone powers they’ve done so when you know the confidence that Peter has when he says that you know the machine’s going to work when I taught them using our power is going to work says part artisanal reading if I was not gonna work you just gotta do it wants to be able to show up and then we’ll work on how to move it how to for us to become a better so think about this it’s like you know having the 3 D. more 3 D. printing market all of yourself and you’re the only one that can produce in the chair. The better the better but you’re. So that’s another massive you know and and I said the the prestigious another massive massive skin so I act I mean in what HPQ she was an excellent position when it comes down and says now and talk with the people from the energy in the battery sector okay plus there are other markets just in there many other market where a product is going to be the high demands everything else so we’re well positioned to to develop multiple least successful business line based on our nano reactor technology so do you see yourself almost becoming looked that’s what that was pyrogenesis claim to fame when we start working with them 3 years ago or so old that they had this great core technology that started winning and start developing applications and winning business in multiple verticals so do you HPQ starting to take that same path of next couple years. Yes but focused on so little that’s what we say we’re innovative silicone solution provider that’s literally what we are I’m pretty sure that there will be demands it you can’t even think about we’re actually we’re actually now do some brainstorming guys up alone all the other. Nice high value niche market because the reality is the battery markets quickly going to become involved in market at so basically volume means lower profit margin but I will. But there are plenty of you know any of other markets where you can be high value to it this being said it’s gonna be a great market the battery space don’t get me wrong it’s going to be a massive one but I’m just telling people that you know. We’re not putting all our eggs into one basket we’re not putting all our eggs we just one car manufacturer and I’m gonna put all over it we want to be that good company to the go to company for silicon solutions and we believe that we have to go to do. Bernard that’s exciting not just because you’re saying it because you just you just pulled it off you’ve delivered you buy receive your first Porcher purchase order you and the team at H. B. Q. you and the team at pyro and apple also when you talk about how when you wait when you make statements like that it just has tremendous credibility and again I can kind of saying this after milestone but. Right it’s amazing to see that HPQ took the road less traveled when all the silicon road were mostly for going down the other roads and and here you are way ahead of everybody congratulations man you make sure you have a beer tonight on on me and everybody else enjoy the weekend. Maybe one in French. thanks for all right have a great day have a great weekend buddy thanks bye. For 1 at home you’ve been watching or if you’ve been listening my podcast could you can do that too you’ve been watching Bernard today all chairman CEO of HPQ silicon trade to the venture on the stock symbol HPQ for those who are new to the story you know what you gotta do you know where to go but for those who knew and we’re getting more more people in Bernards telling to get more more calls every day from people are we know there’s a lot of information here for you to consume so the first place to start is get to the hub the HPQ hub on AGOARACOM to the profile page take all the information we’ve kind of laid out there for you to make it easier to really understand all the power of the gist of where they’re going then watch the last 3 or 4 videos fact I would say watch all the 2020 videos that we’ve done with Bernard because that that shows the path of growth and shows that in fact everything Bernard says he delivers and then finally get to the HPQ silicon site that you connect to from the gore come to do your final due diligence and hopefully you’ve discovered your next amazing small cap company on a gore come have a great day everyone.

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