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VIDEO – ThreeD Capital $ $IDKFF Hits Another 52 Week High And 610% YTD As Investors Discover Sheldon Inwentash and IDK Are The Common Denominator On Many Big Small Cap Winners $ $PKKFF $ $RACMF $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 7:06 PM on Monday, December 21st, 2020

ThreeD Capital (IDK:CSE / IDKFF:OTCQB) prides itself on discovering great companies before everyone else … and so do shareholders who are being rewarded with another 52 week high thanks to Chairman and CEO Sheldon Inwentash, who is showing once again that he can find and invest in great “Ignored and undervalued companies” on his way to a 610% gain for IDK Year To Date.

He may make it look easy but Inwentash tirelessly casts a wide net 24/7/365 (trust us, we know) in his favourite industries to find best of breed companies in either Disruptive Technologies or Junior Resources.  And when he finds them, he isn’t afraid to have IDK invest big and be patient, something most investors just aren’t willing to do when they’re fixated on just daily or even hourly moves.

That’s why IDK, is like and ETF for ground floor investments that small cap investors would either be unable to find (private) or unable to participate in (early round accredited investors) or unable to hold.

For new investors to the markets in 2021 who don’t know him but better get to know him ASAP, Sheldon Inwentash is one of the greatest investors in Canadian history.  As Founder, Chairman and CEO of IDK, Inwentash’s track record of success speaks for itself, including successful exits in the hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars in previous years.  His last investment company commanded a market cap north of $1 Billion and now he’s looking to create another success with IDK.  

Will he do it?  He’s sure off to a good start so far by quietly making investments over the past couple of years that are now starting to pay off.  In this interview Inwentash discusses:

  • His investment philosophy
  • Some of his big 2020 winners including 
    • Peak Fintech $PKK – $PKKFF 
    • Loop Insights $MTRX – $RACMF
    • HPQ Silicon $HPQ
    • Esports Entertainment Group $GMBL
    • Bluesky Digital $BTC
    • ImagineAR $IP $IPNFF – where he is re-accumulating again
  • Why he’s investing heavily in gold juniors
  • Why he’s investing heavily in crypto currencies
  • Best of all, after one hell of a ride for the financial markets in 2020, Inwentash talks about why 2021 “is the year to be all in”

Watch this great interview … because when a legendary financier speaks, every small cap investor should be listening. We know we do.

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