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Gratomic $ Address to Investors: Follow Up To January 12, 2021 Announcement $ $ $ $ $ #TODAQ

Posted by AGORACOM at 4:12 PM on Wednesday, January 13th, 2021
  • As of today, and for the foreseeable future, graphite is the only viable material for the anode in this type of battery. 
  • Nearly all applications of Li-ion batteries use coated spherical graphite as the anode material.

Graphite is the material with the largest share in weight in Li-ion batteries amounting to up to 70% of the total battery weight, totalling between 5kg (hybrid electric vehicles) to 100kg (full electric vehicles) per vehicle.

Nevertheless, as the main appeal for electric vehicles versus traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles is their low environmental impact, the very fact that this key material’s supply chain generates negative environmental impact, is a roadblock for unlocking repressed demand. Therefore, the battery grade graphite that Gratomic expects to offer to the market with neglectable environmental footprint will be the perfect solution to allow the EV manufacturers to overcome this challenge.

Gratomic has already initiated contacts with battery manufacturers in different countries, in order to tailor the development of the uncoated spherical graphite according to each individual requirement.

The many upsides for Gratomic in this arrangement include (but are not limited to):


  • TDN is currently up-listing to a prestigious Crypto trading platform in the USA! This is a great benefit to Gratomic because, as digital currencies gain strength, so too will Gratomic. This agreement has been negotiated from a position of strength as our agreement exists at an equivalent of $0.30 USD and TDN.

2.TDN is currently valued at an approximated $1.00 USD

  • as its recent contract with Webtoons has been negotiated at this price.

3.TODAQ is partnered with various notable and established companies

  • Hyundai, Visa, US Military,and many others, validating its solid foundation and future potential.

4.Todaq has also established long term relationships with the Saudi Arabian Government with their E-Waste Management systems. This contact is based on an $0.85 USD value.

5.Gratomic Inc. is also set to become the first companyto ever trade graphite as a commodity on a metals exchange!

6.Gratomic is following in the footsteps of BHP & Maersk,

  • Rolled out their own crypto networks to achieve the same end goal. A good breakdown to understanding the value of the TDN contract is as follows:
    • Gratomic receives 145 million TDNat $0.30 USD, while TDN is currently transacting at $1.00 USD,
    • addionally, this contract only represents 5% of Aukams Processing Capacity

Stay tuned for a more in-depth overview from Gratomic’s President and CEO, Mr. Arno Brand.

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