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VIDEO – Predictiv AI $ $INOTF Is Already Commercializing Artificial Intelligence Driven Thermal Scanners With 62 Orders and 6 Channel Partners

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:22 PM on Friday, February 12th, 2021

Our thesis at AGORACOM is that small cap disruptive technology companies are going to create 3X more wealth this decade than the last 3 decades combined, thanks to the convergence of powerful tech such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT sensors and so on.  

Why?  The costs to develop, deploy and scale new applications powered by these new technologies have come down to a point where small cap companies can compete head to head with just about anybody.  In fact, their size makes them more nimble and able to pivot into emerging trends much quicker than most tech giants.

Which companies will actually succeed in delivering is a determination you have to make.  But one company to consider is Predictiv AI (PAI:TSXV / INOTF:OTCQB), whose proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning platform provides predictive and prescriptive solutions in the public safety sector.

In layman’s terms, PAI uses AI and Machine learning to create solutions that can predict danger.

For example, the Company’s Thermal Pass Fever Detection System was recently used at a Carolina Panthers NFL game.  Watch this short video to see it in action. Highlights of the system include:

  • 24 medical grade sensors
  • 1,200 readings per second
  • 1 person / second

As you can imagine, Thermal Pass can be used for almost any high-traffic location you can think of.  But the big question is …. will anybody actually use it?  Because truth be told 99% of us are not in a position to be able to assess how any AI solutions of any company stack up against the competition. The only thing we can rely on is AGORACOM’s favourite metric – 3rd party acceptance.  In short, if your product is good, people will want it.

By that measure, PAI is off to a great start with:

  • Orders for 62 units of ThermalPass since commercial launch in October.  Impressive.
  • Orders include hospitals, long-term care facilities, prisons and public schools.  More impressive
  • 6 channel partners.  This is really impressive because channel partners don’t waste their valuable time and resources with products they don’t think they can sell 

3rd party acceptance at this early stage – CHECK 

Watch our interview with Michael Lende in which we do a deep dive into PAI tech, products and future plans.

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