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VIDEO – PK Beans $BEAN Is The Woman Powered Small Cap Incorporating Augmented Reality And Other Innovations To Revolutionize Children’s Clothing Industry

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 7:31 PM on Sunday, March 7th, 2021

If you thought PK Beans $BEAN is just a children’s clothes retailer, you’d better think again.  Whereas children’s clothes retailers simply stack, rack and sell on volume, $BEAN is bringing the kind of innovation to the space that we once saw from the likes of Apple. 

Just as Apple did back in the day, $BEAN is creating a complete experience out of their products that includes the use of Augmented Reality stories with characters that carry great messages while showcasing their products.

More than just a cool idea, $BEAN innovation is creating some eye-popping KPI’s in it’s very early pivot such as:

  • 10,000 customers  
  • 62% returning customer rate  
  • $29 on every $1 of ad spend
  • 18,000 + orders in 2020
  • 55% increase in online visitors
  • $1.5M + in 2020 sales
  • …. and much more 

Beyond Augmented Reality, $BEAN has also incorporated a second-hand resale and sustainable initiative that, combined with the fact it is Canada’s only public company with a board dominated by women, is quickly becoming a great ESG company.

Why is that important?  ESG investing (Environmental, social and corporate governance) is a very big trend in the United States, where BEAN is expanding to next!

Watch this incredible interview with BEAN Founder & CEO Traci Costa 

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